Having a positive mind.

I really have had a good feeling the last couple of weeks and a very positive mind, which I usually don’t have. But I have been working with myself on trying to look at the positive things instead of the negative. It’s easier said than done, because it becomes a habit. I don’t think many people are noticing a difference, but I hope Daniel has.

Yesterday I went to the doctor with my knee pain. The doctor said that I have overexerted it and have to rest my knee which means NO dancing for a few weeks. I really hope my knee will get better soon, I don’t like walking like an old lady.


I woke up to this beautiful view this morning and had to take a photo of it, and yes, it’s a cemetery on the other side of my street. I love the winter wonderland look, but I want some spring soon.
This morning I was really looking forward for the photo shoot I had, and it went really well.
I’m feeling so happy these days and I know everything will be good.