Movie Sunday

When Daniel saw that they showed 2001: a space odyssey in the cinema he said we had to see it. I never saw it before and to be honest I didn’t know much about it.
It was first after Daniel had booked the ticket he told me that the movie was 3 hours, and that some people says it’s 3 hours of nothing, which made me a bit sceptical.


The movie started at 1pm and luckily there was a small break in the movie, because I wouldn’t have survived drinking soda and no toilet break for 3 hours.
After the movie was finished Daniel asked if it was as bad as I have expected. But I actually liked it and was very impressed with all the special effects and the way it has been filmed considering when it was made. But I’m happy we saw it early on the day and I don’t think it would be a movie I would watch in one viewing at home.