Hairdresser appointment!

Today I was at the hairdresser for a hair treatment that I have never tried before. I was really excited about how it would turn out because I have seen some amazing result online.

I have been unhappy with my frizzy hair for a long time, so when I got the hairdresser and keratin treatment recommended, I had to try it.

I think the photo speaks for itself

 Before & After

Before & After

I had the treatment done here in Copenhagen at Esha Khamo, you can see his work on Instagram here. I really like that the products he uses isn’t filled with chemicals, especially when I heard that some keratin treatments contains formaldehyde.

As you can see on the photo there is a huge difference on the before and after photo. I really love it and I can definitely recommend it to others who are unhappy with their frizzy hair.
Five hours in the hairdresser chair and all worth it!