Ikea day!

What is the perfect thing to do on a Friday? Go shopping in Ikea, what else?!
I love going to Ikea and I haven’t been there for ages, so it was a good day today. I got some small things that I wanted but also some things for some photo ideas that I have, which you have to wait a bit to see.

Another good thing is that Ikea have a vegan meal at their restaurant now and they also sell Oatly! I am a big fan of Oatly, I use iKaffe in my tea every day. I hope that all of Oatly’s products will come to Denmark soon.


I have the opening shift tomorrow, it is the last time I have to open at Sephora. I have 5 shifts and I will have my last day at Sephora on Wednesday. I’m going to miss some of the girls.