Since Monday evening, I have been busy unpacking and trying to organize our things. It’s something that takes time, a lot of time, but I’m really looking forward to when everything is in place.

I got a new body lotion the other day from Kiehl’s which I’m really excited to try, because I was told that you can see results after using it for 10 days. I also got some samples that I’m also looking forward to try and see if there are any of them I might buy next time.

 Taking care of my brushes & my skin

Taking care of my brushes & my skin

Both yesterday and today I have cleaned my makeup brushes and I still have more brushes to clean, it’s a big project to clean all of them.
My plans for tomorrow are:

·      Go to Ikea

·      Clean more makeup brushes

·      Plan our meals for the next days and go shopping

·      More unpacking

·      Go for a walk and relax before the last 5 days at work