Three good thoughts.

Both Daniel and I have the weekend off, which we both have been looking forward to. This morning I got up at 7am and got ready, on a Saturday! But it was a good feeling.
Copenhagen Zoo had their birthday event today, so we went there for a few hours, there were a lot of people and it wasn’t cold today, so we also walked home afterwards.

After the zoo, we had to do some laundry, something that just has to be done.


Tonight, we are going to a party at the dorm. It will be the first time we are there since we moved.

My three good thoughts for today are:

·      That I know my loved ones believes in me

·      I know that everything will work out and get better

·      I soon have time to unpack and get settled

Hopefully I’ll also soon have time for making some more things for the blog too.