“When I grow up…”

I thought about how one’s dream job changes over time. I remember when I was a young child and wanted to become a ballerina. I used to dance classic ballet from the age 4-8 years, and auditioned for the Danish royal ballet when I was 8 years old.
When I was in primary school I wanted to be a vet, because I love animals and in 8th grade I had an internship at a vet. I like the part where you help pets but not the part where you have to put them to sleep.
In my late teens, my dream job was being a makeup artist. I took the education and have been a makeup artist for more than 10 years today.

Now, I want to become a photographer where I can also use my makeup artist knowledge and be able to create art.


Daniel and I were at The Open Air Museum today. It’s a museum that shows life on the countryside in Denmark from the 1600’s until early 1900’s. The buildings at the museum are reconstructed and moved from all over Denmark and some from Sweden. It’s very interesting to see how people lived in the old days and how many people they could fit into a small home. We also saw a lot of chickens, geese and ducks, but also some horses, sheep and a cat.

It’s a museum where you easily can spend a whole day. I know we are going to go there again soon, because we didn’t see everything.