Last Monday of this summer.

I was at the doctor because I can’t sleep and neither can Daniel, because I’m coughing so bad at night. The doctor said that I have a virus, which means there is no medicine that can help.

I did my Rainbow shoot today and it went really well. We did 8 different backgrounds with 8 different makeup looks in 6 hours. At the end both Oliver and I were tired, then it’s nice to have a sweet boyfriend who makes dinner for all of us.

 Sneak peek from the photo shoot 

Sneak peek from the photo shoot 

I have also start packing soon but there is a lot to pack. Now I just have to get well soon or at least just not feel that I have 100 knifes cutting in my throat.

I hope I sleep better tonight, as apart from being sick they’re also filming some TV show in the area.