Much has happened.

I have been away from the blog for almost a week and some different things have happened. I have been to a couple of job interviews, but Wednesday when I came home I felt sick and lay in my bed. I woke up a little while later and realized that I had had a seizure and called Daniel at work. Daniel left work and went with me in an ambulance to the hospital, where I had some test done. After getting the results we went home, made something to eat and went to bed.

The day after, I started feeling a bit better and later I got offered a job, that made my day perfect!

Friday, Daniel invited me out to eat at GreenBruger and after we went to the cinema to watch the new Spider-Man movie. Saturday, we went to meet my cousin, her husband and their new little baby boy before they went home to Greenland. It was nice to see them and meet the little baby boy for the first time, he is so cute.

Sunday, we went grocery shopping for the upcoming week, went for a small trip to the sea in our Christiania bike and when we came home we made dinner and baked a cake.



I’m looking forward to the next week. Everything will be alright in the end…