Human behaviour upsets me!

My morning started off good, I left for school in good time but it ended up with me being 1 hour late.
I took the metro like I do every day, but today something happened, a person jumped in front of the train and got killed. I was in the back of the train so I didn’t see anything, but a woman at the front saw it all. When we got out of the metro, which was only halfway to the platform, I didn’t know what was going on. People didn’t really seem upset, except for the woman who saw everything, she was in shock. What makes me angry is that people didn’t care, only one other passenger and I tried to talk with to the woman who sat in the front. We also called for an ambulance to help her. I hope she is feeling a bit better now and that she will get some help to move on.

Tomorrow I’m spending my day in good company, with my friend Daniel, while my boyfriend Daniel is at work.

And remember, help people who need it! Thank you.