Welcome April.

April is here and I have had a much better start of April than my end of March. I haven’t been feeling that well the last couple of days, being busy with my admission test, finishing the pilot for my media study and ending up with a migraine. Not very good, but a good thing is that I submitted my admission test and I was satisfied with it, now I have to wait until the 21st April, and hopefully get an invite to the next test.

Saturday I was feeling much better and the weather was good so Daniel and I went to the zoo.

When we got home, we decided to go to the movies to watch “Beauty and the Beast”. I love fairy tales, and it is a really good and magical movie. I think that I’ll post some photos from my latest shoots over the next couple of days and maybe I’ll post the link to the pilot from media study, we’ll see.

Bedtime, goodnight!