New routines.

Today I’m going to start a new routine which is, going to bed at 10pm. It seems early but I must do it for the next 6 months.
I was at my sister’s place today and she had a present for me. Two MAC “In Extreme Dimension Mascara” from the new collection “Work it Out” in the colours: “Hottie With A Body” and “Cool Down”.



Yesterday I showed what I had bought at the supermarket, so today I thought I’ll make a small list of things I buy all most every week.
My typical grocery list:
- Celery
- Cherry tomatoes
- Mushrooms
- Cucumber
- Bell pepper
- Broccoli
- Bananas
- Pineapple, melon or some other fruits
- Avocado
- Rye bread
- Some sort of salad
- Zucchini

I buy other things too, but not on a weekly basis. Things like, rice, pasta, canned foods, spices and other things like that I buy when they are on offer.

Tomorrow I’ll be making a storyboard at school with my media study group, and hopefully I’ll make another one later for one of my own project.