I love spring.

Sorry I didn’t post a blog yesterday, but I was busy editing the pilot for media study.

I had an amazing weekend with a lot of lovely people, it started Friday with a photo shoot after school. After the shoot, I went to Field’s to meet up with my sisters, all 3 of them! My 2 youngest, Amanda and Lis, were on a short visit to Denmark and they had been to the movies with Mimi. They watched “Beauty and the Beast”, lucky them.
Saturday, I had Lis over at my place so I could take some photos of her, and have a good time. I haven’t seen her since summer 2016, and I’ll probably not see her again until July, that makes me sad. Later that Saturday, Oliver came for a sleepover because he was going to help me Sunday, but we had time for a small photo shoot outside with Lis and him before she had to leave.
Emilie came Sunday, where we had planned to do a ballerina photo shoot at the rooftop terrace. I was really impressed by how easily Emilie was dancing in her ballet shoes, and just walking around on her toes like it was nothing. Later that day I did a very special shoot, which I’ll post and tell about later.

The spring feeling has come to Copenhagen, and I love it.

10 things I love about spring:

·      The light

·      The colours

·      Flowers

·      The weather is getting warmer, but not hot

·      The birds

·      Changing the wardrobe

·      Wearing colourful makeup

·      The fresh morning air

·      Going for long walks

·      And spending time with Daniel



Today Lis and Amanda went back to England, I went to the airport with my mom, Mimi and Daniel to say goodbye. I’m going to miss them but I hope to see them soon.