March is here tomorrow and I’m really excited to see what it will bring, because there will be a lot going on. I’ve also got a lot of creative projects in March, among other things I’ll be taking some photos and doing some makeup jobs, I’m so ready for it! I’m trying to keep the positive feelings and thoughts in my mind and believing that I can do it.
Today DMJX had an open house event. DMJX is the school where I want to take the education in photographic communication and I’m certain that it is what I want to do. It was a really good experience to hear about the education and see the school.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital, I had some tests and a MRI scan done around summer and tomorrow I’ll get the results. I must say I’m not pleased with the extreme waiting time for my result, which I’ll tell the hospital tomorrow.
Now it’s time to say bye bye February, see you in 11 months.