What I want to learn.

It’s so weird being home all alone, I don’t like it. Daniel is playing computer games all weekend with some of the guys from his work. It’s good he can have fun with that, I don’t play computer games and don’t know much about it.
I made myself a nice dinner, not like Saturday where I just had oatmeal for dinner. 

 My vegan dinner

My vegan dinner

I always want to learn something new and I think there is always something to learn. If I have to set two goals for what I want to learn and practice the next couple of months it would be:

●    Learn to use Photoshop and keep getting better at photography.

●    I want so bad to learn to do a full split, but I know it will take some time.

I have tried to practice splits before but I have to do it every day for a good result, so I can do it when I dance. I just realised that I haven’t been dancing for months, which is a bit sad. I should soon start dancing again, maybe it will help make me a bit happier after all that is happening in my life at the moment.  
Monday is just around the corner which means that it will be time for school again.