A long, but good, Sunday.

I woke up at 4:30am this morning, on a Sunday! The reason was that we were going to my great cousin’s christening in the south of Jutland and it started at 10:30am and I had to do my makeup and such, before we left.
A good thing about not having a driver’s license is that I couldn’t drive the car, so I could have a nap instead, which I did and Daniel too.

 Morning bitch face

Morning bitch face

It was a beautiful sunny winter day with a bit snow and the frost sparkling like glitter in the sun. The ceremony in the church went really well, my great cousin, Noah, was happy and didn’t cry at all. After the ceremony, there was a reception at a shooting club, my cousin’s husband does a lot of hunting during the hunting season in Greenland, where they live at the moment. Because we were in a shooting club they had arranged that you could try firing a rifle at a target on the shooting range, the person with the highest score won a prize. I have never tried anything like that before and ofcourse I had to try it, in style! Imagine, me in my boots, pin-up dress, winged liner, red lips, long nails and brows on fleek firing a rifle. That’s what I call shooting with style! The good thing was that I wasn’t bad at it at all.


We came back home to Copenhagen around 9pm. It has been a really good day together with my family. Tomorrow I’ll hang out with my Unicorn Squad partner in crime, Oliver! Monday may not be so bad after all.