Is my life what I imagined?

No! Not at all, but it doesn’t mean that my life is bad. I know that you can’t control everything and sometimes some things happen for a reason that will give meaning later, while other things never make any sense. But when I say you can’t control everything it doesn’t mean that you just have to give up and not try to change things.

There are 3 subjects I want to tell about.

  1. How I imagined my life would be now a year or less ago.
  2. Something that didn’t go as I hoped for and why that’s OK.
  3. What I would like to change if I could.


Looking back to what I imagine my life would be now is very different from what it is. I would have started my dream education, Daniel and I would have gotten an apartment together and I would still have contact with my siblings in England.

As you know I didn’t get into the education, but I don’t give up that easy and I’ll keep applying until I get in.
I was very sad that we didn’t get the apartment in the moment but I can see the benefits with waiting and then get the perfect place we can call home.

The last thing is what I really wish I could change and I have tried for so long and it makes me so sad every day. It’s very personal and a very long story if I had to tell the whole background story. I have 3 siblings, we have the same dad, they are 20, 17 (soon 18) and 16 years old. I spoke with my youngest sister on the 16th of August, the day she turned 16, that was the last time I have heard anything from them. I don’t know why they have cut the contact to my sister here in Copenhagen and me, but they got new phone numbers and don’t reply to any messages, they don’t even look at them. If I could change things they would never had moved to another country in the first place, I gave them the option in 2014 that they could stay here and I would help them with all the practical stuff…
They live in England now and my sister and I can’t get in contact with them at all. I would just like to know why? But what worries me the most is that some people from England have contacted me to ask if I have my siblings phone number because they are cutting a lot of people out of their life at the moment. I would like to get to talk with them one day, but only time will tell if it will happen.

 Saturday with Indira 

Saturday with Indira 

Tomorrow Daniel and I will be spending some time with our favourite Daniel. It’s going to be a good Sunday.