January goals.

Today I was at the dentist again to have the last things fixed. It went well, but my left side was numb until early evening. I’m happy that I only had to do things at home today.

I have 3 goals for January, I know that I have many goals for this year but I’m going to start with 3 this month.

1.     Bring my own lunch to school every day.
It’s cheaper and much easier when you eat vegan.

2.     Take more photos of people/models.

3.     Go to the gym with Daniel at least 2 times a week.
We need to get back in the routine again.

Tomorrow I’m going to bake vegan bread, chocolate cake, salty almonds and chili almonds with my sister. I hope it turns out good and looks just as good as the photos from my cook book.

 Tomorrow's project 

Tomorrow's project