Keys to my new apartment!

Today I got the keys to my new apartment and saw it for the first time, so from tomorrow I can move! I will post some pictures over the next days. 

I also got a postcard from Kinnie from my class, she writes: 

Hi Coco, you lovely piece of woman!
I made you a postcard from a little town called Rødvig not far from Køge in Denmark, where my boyfriend has a holiday home here we have been working a lot in the garden making it beautiful and just spending a lot of time outside. A few days ago we went to a museum where i found a tiny wood chest filled with krystals and stones and it only kost 50kr so i had to have it! So exciting!
I hope you are having fun and i am looking forward to see you again soon
- Kinnie

 Postcard from Kinnie!

Postcard from Kinnie!

Thank you Kinnie!