Birthday girl!

Yesterday it was my birthday and I spent the whole day with my boyfriend Daniel. He had planned a trip to Elsinore where we had lunch and went to Kronborg Castle. It was very windy at the castle because it is next to the ocean. Apart from the wind though, the weather was good.

 At the castle 

At the castle 

We went back to Copenhagen early in the evening to go out and have dinner at LeLe Street Kitchen, a Vietnamese restaurant. We shared a menu consisting of many small dishes. After that we went home to my sister who had made a birthday cake for me.

It was nice to celebrate my birthday just after my exam, which went good. Now I have holidays for two months, I will be working on some projects and in a month my siblings will come and visit me. Other big news is that I’m moving to a dorm on the first of July, I’m really excited about it. 

I had a wonderful birthday with a bunch of good new things happening and ahead of me I have a busy summer, but busy in a good way.