The best recipe for a good weekend...

Is with your loved ones, some long walks and a dance workshop.

Friday I was off school early which was nice after a long school week. My boyfriend and I went for a long walk even though it was raining a bit. It’s nice that it isn’t ice cold outside in daytime but no rain please.
Saturday we went to a dancehall dance workshop. I was there for 3 hours, first the female class and then the last one, unisex class where my boyfriend also attended. It was really good but hard with 3 hours non stop dance. I’m so happy that I can go to dance workshops with my boyfriend and that he enjoys it as well and the fact that he is a total new beginner and I have been dancing for some time makes it even better.

Today we went to the gym and I practiced my split.  

A good weekend ends soon and a new week will start. 

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