Two easy vegan recipes.

Today I’m going to share two of my favourite vegan recipes, they are very easy to make.

The first is purple porridge.

All you need:
Frozen blueberries

You put all the ingredients in a pot and boil it for 1-2 minutes, and it’s ready to eat.

 Purple porridge & Potato leek soup

Purple porridge & Potato leek soup

The other is potato leek soup.

You need:
Vegetable stock
Plant based cooking cream
Salt & pepper

Cut the potatoes and leeks into small bits. Put it in a large pot with the vegetable stock and cover it with water. Let it simmer till the potatoes are cooked. Blend it till it’s smooth, add the plant based cooking cream, season it and let it warm with low heat for 2-4 minutes. Serve with some chives on the top and bread on the side.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and if you make one of them you are welcome to upload a photo on Instagram using #cocotheunicorn.