Written exams done!


Today I had my English written exam from 9AM to 3PM. It was hard work, but I hope it went well. I’m so happy that it is over, I have been working very hard to improve

 Same makeup different light! 

Same makeup different light! 

Today I’ll give you 20 facts about me:

1.     I’m born and live in Copenhagen which is the capital of Denmark.

2.     I’m mixed. My mom is from Denmark and my dad from India. Now some people ask “But why are you so pale?!” My secret, skin brightening products and always use SPF 50+.

3.     I have a Persian cat named Indira. She is my little princess, but she is living at my mom’s place until Daniel and I find an apartment where she can stay with us.

4.     I’m a professional makeup artist.

5.     I have worked for MAC Cosmetics for 4 years (2010-2014).

6.     I love Drag Queens! I want to be a Drag Queen too.

7.     My favourite colours are purple & pink, but many people probably think it’s black, because I wear a lot of black clothes.

8.     I find Indian-English very funny.

9.     I almost only wear skirts and dresses.

10.  I love everything with unicorns.

11.  I attend dance classes, at the moment it is twerk.

12.  I see myself as a Scandinavian, because I know Norwegian and Swedish very well too.

13.  I love long nails but only natural nails.

14.  I’m known for having long hair, the last time I had short hair was when I was 6 years old.

15.  I love colourful makeup.

16.  I like piercings and tattoos.

17.  I don’t like spicy food, even though my dad is from India.

18.   If I’m having a bad day all I need is to watch baby Persian cats, and I’ll be happy again.

19.  I have never been drunk.

20.  My favourite drink is mango juice.