Photo shoot week… almost.

I have been busy with photo shoots the first part of my holidays. I have done makeup and taken a few photographs too. When you are on shoots it can take many hours to get the right pictures and it’s a lot of work, but I like it, especially when it is for magazine editorials. I would love to do it full time one day, being creative, bringing your ideas to life and creating amazing photographic art. Unfortunately I can’t really say too much about the shoots I have done yet, but hopefully soon.
Monday I was in Tivoli with my sister, I took some photographs of the Halloween decorations but there were a lot of people and I tried not to get them in the frame. 

Tomorrow I have another photo shoot but it’s at my place and I’m going to do everything except be the model, I’m really looking forward to it. On Saturday we are going to a Halloween party but Daniel and I don’t know what we should dress up as!
By the way check out Seoul’s YouTube show “Mhmm” it’s crazy!