Canoe trip with my class & Ugly Fat Magazine editorial.

Last Friday I went on a canoe trip with the class, so we could get to know each other better. People that know me know that a canoe trip is not really the type of thing I would do. It was the first time I tried something like that, I did have fun but I wouldn’t do it again voluntarily. 

Saturday was time to work, with makeup. I had the pleasure to wotk with the talented artist Mathias Mons and the handsome model Daniel Jacob Delove. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the shoot!

Now that I mention work, I think you should go ahead at check out the new issue of Ugly Fat Magazin:

I did the makeup for the editorial ”If I could turn back time” from page 19.


Sunday was time to relax, I went to Nicecream for the first time. They make organic vegan handmade ice cream, and they are really good! I need to go there again.

I know I haven’t been good at writing new posts, sorry about that. I have to be better to manage my time with school, homework, dance and blogging. 

 Sunday feeling. 

Sunday feeling.