Dance exam.

Lately I have been busy with my dance exam. My group member and I had to write a report about our dance project, make a choreography and be sharp on dance theory. We made a street battle for our choreography where she danced Hiphop and I Dancehall. We had only practiced the dance for 2 days before the exam but we worked really hard to make it good.

 My look for the performance at my dance exam. 

My look for the performance at my dance exam. 

On the day of the exam we were the second group that had to perform. The performance went really good but also over very fast. After all the groups had performed, we started on the dance theory exam. At the theory exam you get a dance clip and a picture of someone dancing. You have to analyze them, tell the history of the dance styles and how you can relate it to your own dance project.

I got a Dancehall dance video clip and a classic Ballet picture.

How did it go??

I aced the exam and got top marks!