First impression

The first day went really well, and I have a really good feeling about the school, my class and the teachers. Already now I can tell that I’m going to learn so many new things just in the first weeks.


We ended early yesterday, and I went home really happy.


I’m excited to see what today will bring and I’ll let you know more about the school when I know more.

I’m starting school today!

I’m so excited! Today there will be some introduction but other than that I don’t know what else we are going to do today.


I picked out my outfit yesterday, prepared the things I could and washed my hair, so I didn’t have to do it this morning.

First chili flower of the year

First chili flower of the year

 I don’t know when I finish school today but it’s “organize your home day” today, so I’ll probably do some organizing when I get home.

End of Christmas Holidays

Yesterday, Amanda and Lis went back to the UK after being here for 3 weeks. When I think about it the 3 weeks went really fast, which is scary.

We had a good time, had fun and I did 3 photo shoots, so we have also been productive, and Lis did my nails, they were so pretty.


I have also got my Overseas Citizenship of India, which I’m happy about and it’s nice to finally have it.



 Now I have today and tomorrow to get some things done at home, do some planning and edit some photos.

Preparing for next week

I had a good weekend with an early photo shoot Saturday morning with my sister Amanda, later we all went out for vegan cake and Sunday I spent with the Unicorn Squad. A nice way to end a week.


This week I’m going to prepare for next week, I’ll get back into a proper morning routine and find ideas for lunches that I can bring to school.
I can’t believe that it’s next Monday I’ll start school.

What will 2019 bring?

I’m not a fortune teller, so I can’t say what 2019 exactly will bring or what will happen. But I know what I would like to happen, what I’m going to work hard on to reach and how I would like people around me to feel.

Last night’s dinner

Last night’s dinner

One thing I know is that on the 14th of January I’m starting at Vera school for art and design, for a 6-month photography course to improve and develop my photography skills and preparing for my application for the education.
I’m so excited to start school and looking forward to all the new things I’m going to learn.

Other than being excited for school start, I have some different things I want to do more.
Spend time with the people I love, don’t use time on people that don’t appreciate you, trying “new” hobbies and much more.



I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring.


Bye bye 2018

My 2018 turned out to be a year with a lot of sadness and 2018 will be remembered for the year our beloved Indira died. Something we didn’t see coming at all, and why it was really hard for us.

A lookback on 2018, what did I do, what happened and how did I feel.

January started with new hair, I got my first keratin treatment which I loved and something I’m going to get done every 8-10 month because I can’t live without it now.

January. New hair & business card

January. New hair & business card

 February, my old school KVUC, made an article about me which was about starting college at my age, being dyslexic and going for your dreams no matter what people tell you. The article got good feedback and I even met a girl that got inspired by the article, which means a lot to me.


February and March were so cold, one of the coldest winters as long as I can remember.

February was cold and March as well

February was cold and March as well

April, I got the good news that I was 1 of the 48 out of 400, that got to the big admissions test for the education I want to start. I remember I was so happy, and I had a good feeling about it.   


The first weekend in May was the big admission test, I did my best, but I wasn’t one of the 20 that got to start at school.

June was really hot, like too hot for me and I didn’t enjoy the summer at all. My penthouse jungle turned out good and I was surprised how much I got out of it, and Daniel and I had breakfast on the balcony almost every day.

When you don’t have a real garden, you make one at your balcony

When you don’t have a real garden, you make one at your balcony

  July, Daniel and I went to our friend’s wedding, it was one of the few times people at a wedding looked forward to going inside because it was too hot outside.


Our friend’s wedding

Our friend’s wedding

August was Pride time, with photoshoots, makeup backstage and tv crew.
My cousin’s son got baptised and my cousin and his girlfriend surprised everyone with a wedding ceremony at the same time as the baptism.  


Copenhagen Pride and another wedding

Copenhagen Pride and another wedding

September was the hardest month ever, we lost our baby (cat) Indira and we had to arrange a funeral for the first time.

We still miss Indira

We still miss Indira

October, I feel nothing really happened and in November the DR3 documentary “Hunkøn” (Female) had premiere and Daniel and I went on a small trip to Oslo.


TV time and Daniel and me time

TV time and Daniel and me time

December, I completed my own 24 days photo challenge, Daniel went with me to his first Drag Race drag show and met the Queens. We were a lot of people for Christmas, something that we haven’t been for a very long time.



It’s time to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, I hope you will be better.


Happy new year!

Getting ready for new year

Sometimes when you have a lot of people visiting and they are staying at your place you want just a bit of quiet time. That’s why Daniel and I went out for ramen Thursday night and a nice evening walk.

I was hoping that I was going to have found my New Year’s Eve outfit by now, but it hasn’t happened yet.

My sister and I went out for lunch and shopping yesterday, but we didn’t find any outfit for New Year’s Eve for either of us. Even though our mission to find clothes failed we had a good time together and a really, really good lunch at Madenitaly which is a full vegan Italian restaurant here in Copenhagen.


If I don’t find an outfit today I’ll just put together something I already have and do a nice makeup look.



Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and are having a good time with friends and family.

Last night Daniel and I celebrated Christmas with my mom, 3 sisters, my dad and his wife, who is my 2 sisters and brother’s mom. But my brother wasn’t here with us which was really sad, he had to be in the UK alone. We are usually not so many for Christmas, last time we celebrated Christmas with my sister Lis and my brother Frederik was 4 years ago, my youngest sister Amanda was 15 years ago and my dad and his wife I don’t remember when that was. So, it was something new and hopefully something that they would like to do in the future and keep in contact.

I enjoyed our Christmas Eve, and we did have a white Christmas on the 23rd and 24th December, but today the snow has melted.   



 On the 23rd December I got up really fast when I saw it was snowing outside, and it was so pretty! We also went by Indira’s grave to set some candles and wish her a merry Christmas.





Today we are going to Daniel’s mom to celebrate Christmas there.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Queens!

Daniel got one of his Christmas presents early, a VIP ticket with meet and greet for the Christmas Queens show here in Copenhagen. It is the first time Daniel went to a drag show, with queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but definitely not the last.  
We went there with my friend Simone, my Drag Race partner in crime.  


I must say that the meet and greet is not what it used to be. They were standing in groups and there was staff there that took one picture with your own phone and there was no time to talk because it had to go so fast. It’s very sad it has changed so much.


 But the show was really good, and it was nice to see some queens I haven’t seen live before.

Asia, Eureka, Kameron, Sharon, Bob, Manila and Jiggly

Asia, Eureka, Kameron, Sharon, Bob, Manila and Jiggly

My Christmas wish list

Yesterday I did some gift wrapping, which I used to hate because I was so bad at it, but you know practice makes perfect.


I don’t know if it’s hard to buy me gifts, but I always feel when I have to write a wish list, I don’t know what to write.

On my list this year:

·      Anything with Cats

·      Anything with Unicorns

·      Lenses for my camera

·      GoPro

·      Clothes

·      Skincare

·      Vegan cookbooks

·      And probably other things

Daniel already gave me a really good advent gift, a DNA test so I can see what I’m a mix of. Exciting!!!

Christmas market

Saturday, Daniel and I went to the Christmas market at Kronborg Castle. We had to get up very early because it took over 1 hour to get there, but it was a beautiful morning.

Saturday morning

Saturday morning

We got there at 10am, when they opened, but the beautiful morning had turned into a rainy day. I love to go to old historical places and to see how different life was at that time.




Other than the market with all the stalls there were other activities as well, like a small theatre play, dancing and singing around the Christmas tree with Santa, gospel concert, guided tour at the castle. We got to do and see all the things which I was happy about, we got a lot out of our day.

The Christmas tree

The Christmas tree

Before we left, we had time to see Holger the Dane who sits under Kronborg and guards Denmark.   

Holger the Dane to the right

Holger the Dane to the right

Christmas shopping

There are still 20 days until Christmas Eve and I have already bought some of the Christmas presents. I feel I don’t have to stress about the Christmas shopping, I know some of the gifts I need to buy and there are only a few I’m still not sure about yet.

If I have time, I might go out today and get some of them and have a look to get some inspiration for the others.

Last month I saw the prettiest and cutest Christmas tree decorations at Monki. They are perfect and I wish we could have a Christmas tree with only these decorations.

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?


The winter season is here

December is here, and I can feel the Christmas spirit more than I have the last couple of years.


November ended with a birthday party. Daniel, Oliver and I went to our friend Mareridt’s birthday where the theme was Dark Bollywood. We had a really good time and we were the best dressed, after the birthday boy.


 We wrote the best birthday card ever, which no one else than us would understand because it was fun and personal.   

I’m trying to get some new Christmas traditions started in our family, like baking Christmas cookies together the weekend before December, which we did last year for the first time. This year I wanted to go out and cut down our own Christmas tree, which Daniel and I did Saturday, December 1st. I realized that when we have to move, we need a place with high ceilings, so we can get a bigger Christmas tree.

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree

I’m going to do a photo a day in December on my Instagram with Christmas related photos so remember to follow me there.
Here is December 1st: My day, and December 2nd: Christmas tree.


I know that this Christmas will have some sadness and emptiness too, because Indira is not here with us, but we have her in our hearts. In a way it will be different in many ways, I don’t mind change, but I don’t like losses.   



My plans for the rest of the week

I feel some weeks you have nothing planned or nothing is happening and others everything is happening. In December I already have a few things planned or maybe a lot compared to what I usually do, but I think that Daniel and I will enjoy all of it.



Today I’m meeting with my friend Sasha, who I haven’t seen for some weeks, so it is going to be really nice to see her.
Friday Daniel, Oliver and I are going to a birthday party with a theme, which will be really fun. I have to get my outfit ready for Friday, luckily, I have all the things I need for it at home.


But the thing I’m most excited about is, that for the first time we are going to cut down our own Christmas tree on Saturday!!

What was it I did this summer?

I feel I have a lot to do this week, like preparing for all the Christmas decorations, editing photos, paper work, planning and other things. I feel the list is so long, but I can do it!


I’m really looking forward to decorating our home for Christmas, the streets here in Copenhagen are already decorated and I love it!



This summer the Danish TV station DR filmed a documentary for their channel DR3, where they follow 5 transgender women here in Denmark and it’s called “Hunkøn” which means female in Danish.

Skærmbillede 2018-11-26 kl. 18.12.21.png

 I’m in some of the episodes as a friend and makeup artist with 2 of the girls. It has been fun, and I have learned some useful things from the experience.
I was very shortly in episode 1, but in episode 3 which was showed on TV yesterday I’m a part of the conversation, which means I’m talking. I don’t really like to hear my own voice because I don’t feel it’s how I think my own voice sounds.
I know I’m in at least 1 more episode but it might also be 2 more, I’m not sure because I haven’t seen the episode. I just have to wait for it to go online on DR TV’s website.

Getting ready for December

I finally got my laptop back which was really needed. Now I can work on the photos I need and it’s easier to write blogs.

This weekend we used almost all Saturday in the kitchen with my sister to make all the Christmas cookies for December, but we also had time to make three Christmas decorations. Daniel, my sister and I each made a calendar candle decoration. I don’t know if people in other countries use calendar candles, as they are called here in Denmark, but it is a very common thing here to have Christmas calendar candles.
We ended up with 422 cookies, 34 “honninghjerter” (Danish Christmas cake) and 3 Christmas calendar candles decorations.

Cookies and out for a Sunday treat

Cookies and out for a Sunday treat

Sunday, we made some candy, marzipan rolls with nougat, coconut toffy, caramels and other types of Christmas candy. I don’t think there is enough candy for all of December, so we properly have to make some more later.

Everything we made was of course vegan and we had a good time making everything together.

Mini cruise to Oslo

Daniel and I went on a small cruise to Oslo this weekend. We went to the ship Friday after Daniel got off work and sailed from Copenhagen at 4:30pm. I usually get seasick very easily, so I was I bit worried that I would feel sick all the way to Norway, but luckily the sea bands I got helped and I was good.
We went up on the deck to get some fresh air and enjoy the night view before we had dinner at the Italian restaurant. We went to bed early because we had to get up early the next day, so no party on the ship for us.


The bed in our cabin wasn’t that good but I slept okay, and we got up and ready for breakfast and the morning view, unfortunately it was very cloudy. We arrived in Oslo at 10am and had to be back before 4:15pm where the check-in closed.


There was a lot of street art in Oslo and statues, there are also quite a few statues in Copenhagen. I have been in Oslo one time before for some years ago when one of my friends lived there and I still remembered where some of the places were.

We had looked up some vegan restaurants online, and on some apps, and found one that looked good and decided to have lunch there. The place was call Funky Fresh Food and we both got a BBQ jackfruit burger and homemade lemonade. It was really good, so we made the right choice.

The only time we sat down was the one hour where we had lunch, the rest of the time we walked around. It wasn’t that cold, it was cloudy but not raining so there was no problem walking around. Some of the streets where already decorated for Christmas and we saw a few Christmas markets as well.


On our way back to the ship Daniel got me a mug from a souvenir shop, he knows how much tea I drink so it’s a perfect gift, but it was difficult to choose from all the mugs.

I got the moose mug

I got the moose mug

We got back to the ship 30 minutes before the last check-in, we ended up walking 13km in Oslo.


Sunday morning we also had to get up early because we would be in Copenhagen at 10am and we had to pack our things.

After we had been home with our things, we went for brunch at Nicecream as a nice way to end our weekend.   


Busy weekend

I don’t have my laptop, at the moment, and that is one of the reasons why I haven’t posted lately. Another reason is that I’m feeling a bit sad, I feel that more people have distanced them from me. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just overthinking things, but I’m trying to keep my mood up.

I did take two photos for my photo challenge with the word “inside” and “colours”. The first photo I took inside Glassalen in Tivoli here in Copenhagen.



I love the colour combination and that was why it became the “colours” photo.



Daniel and I have had some good days together, we have been at the theatre, at the zoo to see all the Christmas lights, at Remembrance Sunday with very important people and a Monday night at the movies.


Today I’m going to get our room ready for all the Christmas decorations I want to have this year. I hope it will be so pretty and I’m sure Daniel will like it too, because he doesn’t have a choice.