Busy weekend

I don’t have my laptop, at the moment, and that is one of the reasons why I haven’t posted lately. Another reason is that I’m feeling a bit sad, I feel that more people have distanced them from me. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just overthinking things, but I’m trying to keep my mood up.

I did take two photos for my photo challenge with the word “inside” and “colours”. The first photo I took inside Glassalen in Tivoli here in Copenhagen.



I love the colour combination and that was why it became the “colours” photo.



Daniel and I have had some good days together, we have been at the theatre, at the zoo to see all the Christmas lights, at Remembrance Sunday with very important people and a Monday night at the movies.


Today I’m going to get our room ready for all the Christmas decorations I want to have this year. I hope it will be so pretty and I’m sure Daniel will like it too, because he doesn’t have a choice.


Keeping up with the challenge

I haven’t posted here since Saturday, but I have posted the photos from my challenge on my Instagram every day. Saturday’s word was “home”, home for me is where the city meets nature which I feel my photo showed. Sunday was “joy”, with a photo of a happy pumpkin man from Tivoli and yesterday “warm”, with a photo of warm clothes.


Today my word was “morning” and it was the perfect word for today because it was a beautiful morning.


I hope you all have a lovely November day.

Another workshop

I started at my own photo challenge this Thursday, where my word was “shapes”, and I had some ideas for it, but I didn’t have time to do those because I had a photoshoot the same day. So, I had to find another solution and thought I would see if there would come any idea when Daniel and I had to go to the mall. And there it was…



 It’s a bridge for bikes and it’s called The Snake, which is because of the shape it has and at night time with the lights it’s almost looks like it moves.  

Yesterday the word was “passion”, so why not take a photo of a passionfruit? I first had to make my own little set up where I needed a black background. I made one with cardboard from an old package and painted it black. It took some time because I also had to wait for the paint to dry. It was my first attempt with that kind of food photography, I think that’s a thing I have to practise.



This weekend I have another photoshop workshop and later I will take the photo for today where the word is “home”.   

World Vegan Day

I have decided to challenge my photography and my creativity. I wrote different words on small pieces of papiers and put them in a box. Every day I will pick a random one in the evening and the next day I have to take a photo using the word as inspiration. For today my word is “Shapes” and I will post it on Instagram later today when I have the photo ready.
I’m starting November with a photo shoot on location, maybe cold but hopefully it will turn out good!


Also, today it is world vegan day and I thought I would tell about Daniel and my vegan story. It was actually Daniel’s idea that we went vegan which surprises a lot of people. But it seemed very natural for us to become vegan, we both love animals, we want to take care of the environment and we were ready to do something about it, so we did it.
A fun thing is that before we were vegan, I didn’t like to cook but now I love it, and the food tastes so good. Sometimes people come with the comment “just wait, in a year or two you will eat meat again”, which is really annoying. They don’t understand that it’s a lifestyle change we have made and that it’s not just a “trendy thing” for us.

 Some of the vegan food we make at home

Some of the vegan food we make at home

Happy Halloween!

I hope you will have or already had a scary Halloween.


Last night Daniel and I went to Tivoli in Copenhagen where they have decorated the whole theme park for Halloween. Daniel came after work, so it was a bit late and we went for dinner first at Wagamama. When we came out of the restaurant, we could see it had rained, but it wasn’t that bad, and we walked around for a bit. Shortly after it started to rain a lot and we decided to go home. We didn’t take any pictures together, which I really wanted to do.


Monday, I did a Halloween photo shoot and because it’s Halloween I want to share two photos from the shoot. I worked with makeup artist Iulia, link to her Facebook page here.


Happy Halloween everyone!

The first snow!

After I took my shower yesterday morning and looked outside, I saw the first snow! I love snow, I’m almost in a Christmas mood. But there wasn’t enough snow and it wasn’t cold enough, so it melted before it hit the ground.


The photoshop workshop went really well and I feel that there was a lot I could use in editing my photos, but it was also two very intense days. Which was why I didn’t get to do all that I had planned, only the important things.


Today I’m having a photo shoot, tomorrow Daniel and I might go to Tivoli and I’ll probably have another photo shoot Thursday. Sounds like a good week!

Photoshop workshop

This weekend I have a 2 day photoshop workshop with 6 hours both days.
This morning when I woke up, I saw a gift from Daniel, a new mouse, I guess he got it for me so I don’t have to borrow his, I’m happy he got one for me. Today was the first day at the workshop, I learnt a lot but I’m also very tired now, so I think I’ll go early to bed tonight.

 When the box says “E-sport for life”, you know that it’s Daniel who bought the mouse

When the box says “E-sport for life”, you know that it’s Daniel who bought the mouse

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, to learn a lot more and to try out the new things I have learned.

The perfect weekend

Daniel and I had a really good weekend together with a lot of fresh air, a Halloween party and I had a really fun photo shoot Friday. I’ll tell more about the shoot when I have some of the photos ready.


We went to a Halloween party Saturday night and of course we dressed up. We dressed up as mimes which was an easy but fun couples costume. It was the couple that hosted the party that had done the most out of their costume but there were also some who didn’t dress up at all, which was a bit boring.


Yesterday we were outside walking all day, in total we almost walked 20km. First, we went out to Indira’s grave and afterwards out to Kalvebod Fælled.

Kalvebod Fælled is the nature reserve that is next to the dorm we lived at and we really miss going for walks there whenever we want, because it’s not that close to us now.
We went by the café at the nature centre and had something to drink and tried some vegan ice cream we haven’t tried before. There were a lot of families out there, probably because it was the last day of the autumn holidays and the weather was good. It was nice being outside the whole day and to say hi to the sheep.

 Kalvebod Fælled

Kalvebod Fælled

It was a perfect weekend and I’m looking forward to this week and what it will bring.

Hair fixed!

Yesterday I was at the hairdresser and got a keratin treatment again, which was needed if you ask me. If you don’t know what a keratin treatment is, the short version is a permanent straightening of your hair. Last time I had it done, was in the beginning of January and I didn’t really know what to expect because it was the first time I ever had it done, but definitely not the last time. I didn’t use a hair straightener from when I had it done in January until July, so it lasted for a long time.


 Before & After

Before & After

Now I have strait shinny hair again, and I love it!

October, pretty/scary

The weather in October or just autumn in general, can be very mixed, cold, very rainy to summerish. The last couple of days it has been warm and sunny, which I have mixed feeling about.
I like that it is sunny because you really get to see all the beautiful autumn colours but the temperature I’m not happy with. When I think about how cold and long the winter was in the beginning of 2018, how extremely hot and dry the summer was and now some days are over 20 degree Celsius. I feel that something isn’t right here.

I did get inspirited by the beautiful colours to do an autumn makeup.


A more fun type of scary was the HalloQueen show at DragHouse Saturday night. The show was good, and I took some good photos with my new phone.


Today I’m going to the hairdresser to get my hair pretty again.

Copenhagen Culture Night

Friday, Daniel and I met up to eat some dinner before we went out for Copenhagen Culture Night.

Copenhagen Culture Night is an event where a lot of places like museums, attractions, ministries of parliament and other places had events or open house. The event is always a Friday in October and you buy a badge which gives you access to all the places and free public transportations that night.  


We had some really good vegan pizza for dinner and after that we went to Amalienborg which is where the Danish royal family live, but there was a long line to get in to the museum at Amalienborg and we didn’t want to wait for that long.




We went to look at two churches, the first one was The Marble Church which is next to Amalienborg and after that we went to the Trinitatis church.
There was a small lecture at my old school about the history of the area where the school is located, it started at 7pm which was why we didn’t had time to wait in line at the palace.
It was fun to see my old school again, even though it is just a bit over a year since I graduated. I saw some of the new class rooms and other new features that they are doing with the renovation.

 Trinitatis Church and The Marble Church

Trinitatis Church and The Marble Church

Later we went to see the Free Masons building, where we had to wait in line for 20 min, but we really wanted to see the place and it was worth the wait. We ended up going to 2 more places before we went home after walking 13km that day.  



A night at the ballet

Last night I went with my mom to The Royal Danish Ballet to see Carmen. I haven’t been to the ballet in a long time, last time was in 2015 when I went with the school and we saw small pieces of different ballets.

We first went for dinner at this vegan Italian restaurant called Madenitaly, which is very close to the theatre. I can definitely recommend the place if you want vegan Italian food, it was so good. For starters we shared a cheese dish, where you could taste some of the different vegan cheeses which are made in Italy. It’s the best vegan cheese I have ever tried! For main course we both got a pasta dish, my mom got one with mushrooms and truffle and I had one with vegan cheese and pepper. For dessert my mom got a latte and I had a chocolate coconut cake.  


After the dinner we walked over to the theatre, the sky looked really pretty. There was a small introduction to the ballet before the show because it wasn’t the classic version or classic ballet, which surprised some of the people.


It was a good show, nice costumes, an unexpected end and it was fun to think about the choreographer for the ballet has never danced but is one of the most popular choreographers at the moment.
I guess with hard work and passion you can reach any goal.

Movie Sunday

When Daniel saw that they showed 2001: a space odyssey in the cinema he said we had to see it. I never saw it before and to be honest I didn’t know much about it.
It was first after Daniel had booked the ticket he told me that the movie was 3 hours, and that some people says it’s 3 hours of nothing, which made me a bit sceptical.


The movie started at 1pm and luckily there was a small break in the movie, because I wouldn’t have survived drinking soda and no toilet break for 3 hours.
After the movie was finished Daniel asked if it was as bad as I have expected. But I actually liked it and was very impressed with all the special effects and the way it has been filmed considering when it was made. But I’m happy we saw it early on the day and I don’t think it would be a movie I would watch in one viewing at home.   


We still miss Indira and there is something missing at home, but it’s okay to be sad and miss her because she was a big part of our family.


The last days I have been looking for models and makeup artists to work with on different photo shoots. I have planned some shoots with a few people and others are in the brainstorming process.

 Today I did a photo shoot with my friend Oliver, we met at 8AM which feels very early on a Saturday because there are few people outside at that time.
After the shoot we went to Nicecream Copenhagen to have lunch, soup and ice cream.


 I feel I got a lot done today, so overall a good day.

The last goodbye

This post has been very hard for me to write and I had to write it over a couple of days.

On Saturday we had Indira’s funeral and said the last goodbye to her, but she will always be with us in our hearts and mind.

It’s still very unreal sometimes because we didn’t see it coming at all. 
Tuesday morning, I got up at 6 like I always do, I noticed that Indira hadn’t slept with us that night which isn’t normal. I took a shower and got dressed, but Indira didn’t come and ask for food. I thought she was sleeping somewhere, but when Daniel got dressed and she didn’t go to him asking for food, I knew something was wrong.
We found Indira and she was breathing very heavily, I picked her up and her stomach was really hard. Daniel called the vet immediately and we got an appointment a bit later that day.
Daniel went to work, and shortly after I went to the vet with Indira. We arrived at the vet 30 minutes before our appointment, the other vet at the clinic could see that Indira was feeling really bad. She had a look at her and said that they had to do an x-ray and blood tests, but she was very shocked that Indira was feeling so bad because she was there Friday for something else and there were no signs of anything wrong with her.  
They gave Indira some oxygen and we agreed that we could come and pick her up a bit later.


I went grocery shopping with my mom and in the middle of the supermarket I got the worst call I have ever received.

Indira had passed away.

Everything stopped, I told the vet that we were on our way. I then made the worst call I ever have had to make, I called Daniel and told him that Indira had died. It was the longest car ride ever to the vet, I cried so much and all I could think of was our baby Indira. 

We arrived at the same time outside the vet, both with tears in our eyes. Daniel took my hand and we went in.
There she was our princess, still so beautiful but not alive. We sat with her and cried for over an hour, why did this happen to our little girl? The vet told that they could see she had fluid in her lungs but when they started removing it was worse that they first thought. She passed away peacefully.


Daniel and I agreed on having a funeral for Indira and that we wanted her buried at the pet cemetery a bit outside Copenhagen. 

The next 2 days we did all the planning and got everything in place for the funeral.


The funeral was our last goodbye to Indira physically and the day was with rain, strong wind and sun. It was a day of sadness but on our way home Daniel and I saw a double rainbow in the sky.

 Heart shaped stone, flowers and two rainbows for Indira

Heart shaped stone, flowers and two rainbows for Indira


We believe it was a greeting from Indira to her Unicorn parents, Daniel and I. 

We love you Indira.

The struggle is real!

I guess I have to start over, which I hate, but there is no other way.


 Before & after

Before & after

My nails were so long and pretty but now with 3 broken nails I have to cut them all off and start again. That’s how it is when you want to have your own long nails.


Today I’m going to see Oliver. I have missed him and my other friends so it’s going to be so good to see him again.