Budapest, day 1 & 2

I have decided to write two blog posts about Budapest, so this will be about day 1 & 2 and the other one day 3 & 4.

Our flight to Budapest was in the morning, so I had to get up really early to get to the airport. Daniel was so sweet and went with me to the airport, which I was really happy about.

We arrived at the hotel in Budapest around 12 o’clock, but some of us had to wait for our rooms which were ready at 3 pm. While waiting for the rooms almost all from my class went for a walk. The girl I was sharing the room with and I decided we would go back to get our room and rest a bit before we were going to dinner with everyone.

Day 1

Day 1

We had dinner at a place call Hummus Bar, where they also had vegan options. The food was okay and I was very hungry because I didn’t get a proper lunch.

After dinner I went back to the hotel to get a good sleep after a day with travel and be ready for the next day.

Day 2, I got up early to have a nice morning and have time for everything. I had oats with me so I could make breakfast every morning and it was the best idea.

Day 2

Day 2

That day we went to two photography museums, the Capa center and The Hungarian House of Photographers.

Capa center

Capa center

I walked with 3 others to the museum, the weather was nice, I like to walk and it’s a good way to see the city. I must say that the buildings in Budapest look very historical but are not that well-kept unfortunately.

The Hungarian House of Photographers

The Hungarian House of Photographers

After the two museums I got a really nice vegan club sandwich at a vegan café before we walked to Statue of Liberty.


The statue is on the top of a small mountain, so it was a good and a bit hard to walk but the view was amazing and all worth it.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

It was a really nice day and I ended up with walking 13,2 km and up to 43rd floor, according to my phone.


Home again

Just a short update on a Monday.

I came home from Budapest Friday afternoon and was a bit tired, but I didn’t take a nap and I went out to a party the same night, and out Saturday night to the Draghouse show. So, I guess that is the reason why I was tired yesterday and this morning.


I think I’ll do a post tomorrow about my Budapest trip and with a lot of photos, but I have to check all the photos I’ve taken to find the best ones first.



Indira passed away 6 months ago today.
Time flies by so fast but we still miss her every day.  

Getting ready for Budapest

It’s Friday today and the last day at school before our class trip to Budapest next week. Today I have to buy some B/W film for my analogue camera and make a new matchbox camera, so my photo equipment is ready for Monday.


Yesterday I got most of the things I needed to get for the trip and went for a nice walk even though it was very windy. I love going for walks, it’s nice, peaceful and you get a lot of fresh air.


I’m going to do a blog post soon about some of the techniques I have learned at school, but I need to take some photos of some of the things I use.


How I feel about rain

The last two days have been grey and rainy, and it looks like it will continue.

There are different kinds of rain for the different seasons. Personally, I like rain in spring and summer the most. The spring rain is when the weather starts to get warmer, the trees are getting small green leaves, the rain is almost like a mist and everything smells fresh.

The summer rain is when it’s hot, the rain comes and cools everything down and it’s so nice to wake up early in the morning, walk outside and feel the fresh morning rain.


We haven’t had any of those type of rain here in Denmark yet, because it’s still cold, but I’m looking forward to them.

From idea to finished product

Like I promised in yesterday’s post I’m going to write about the two photos I had at the exhibition.


The theme was site specific art to the place the exhibition was held. We brainstormed ideas for our individual pieces before we saw the place which I feel wasn’t the best idea. Personally, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the place compared to what I had in mind. The main building was from 1734, but there weren’t many historical traces in the building, which was what I had hoped for. So, I felt pretty lost and went outside in the small garden with my 40mm macro lens. Luckily, I found something nice and the photo got perfect.

Mushroom in the dark

Mushroom in the dark

 I wanted to do a portrait which had similar colour and texture as the mushroom photo. So, I went with a bit of my first idea which was using a historical twist.


When I was 19, I made a rococo inspired dress that was perfect for my portrait shoot, because I wanted the portrait to be a bit like the old paintings of royalty and lords. The model I used is a girl from my class and she was the perfect match for my idea with her complexion, hair colour and look.

Lady Amber

Lady Amber

 For the styling I used my black dress with a crinoline and an under bust corset to give a historical look. The fabric of the dress had a pattern which I really wanted to show on the photo.

The makeup, I mixed MAC “Waterweight” foundation in NW13 with “Strobe Cream” to get a porcelain look for the skin. On the cheeks, MAC cream blush “Something Special”, eyes, a bit of MAC “Era” eye shadow and MAC lipstick “Pure Zen” for the lips. Last but not least an amber neckless.


It was the first time I did a studio photo shoot where I did everything myself and I got the light as I had in mind.


Overall, I was very satisfied with the result and I feel I got the black texture on both photos and the amber colour on both of them as well.

Spring & exhibition

March, the first month of spring, is here, and I feel like it was just yesterday it was January.

Last week my class did an exhibition at a small art festival. It was my first time having my photography at an exhibition and it was fun to try it. For our exhibition the theme was site specific art, which wasn’t an easy theme.


 I had two photos, the first one was of a mushroom from the garden at the location and the other one was a portrait.  
I’ll go more into details with the photos in tomorrows blog post.


This week will we have a normal school week and next Monday I’m going to Budapest with my class.


A bit sad

So today is the day my Basic BFF is moving to Seoul for a whole year! Who am I going to be basic with now??  
I know I’ll miss Oliver a lot, but I think it’s very important to do what you want and when you have the opportunity. Even if it means moving to the other side of the earth.

How to be basic

How to be basic

 I’m going to the airport to send him off to Seoul and say see you in 2020. After that I’m going to the place our exhibition will be and set up my work, so it will be ready for Thursday.

That feeling

Yesterday I had a good Monday, with a good feeling in my body and mind, I’m grateful for all the things I have and for the people believing in me.





Today I’m looking forward to school and later today I’m going to open house at the education I want to start at.


I have my eyes on the goal, I’m not giving up and I’ll work hard to get to my goal.


Never just settle!

Productive Sunday

Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day. Daniel and I walked over 10km, came home at 6 pm, made dinner and I did some meal prep for the coming week. I made some apple and prune topping which we have with our oatmeal in the morning, homemade humus and grilled red bell peppers for lunch and instead of going to the supermarket which is under 10 min from our home to buy bread, I baked some bread myself. I was very satisfied with the things I had time to do.


We went to Indira on our walk and got a really pretty surprise. There were so many snowdrops flowers at her grave, it was so beautiful and just perfect.  


This week my class is having an exhibition at an art, poetry and music festival just outside of Copenhagen. My photos have been ready for over a week and I printed them last week and got the frames for them, so today I have to frame the last and biggest photo at school.

I’m still having fun and learning a lot at school which I’m so happy about.

I’m all good now

I can finally say I’m all good again, and it was about time.

 Last week at school we worked with photographic liquid emulsion, which I really liked and now when I know more about it, I definitely know that I want to work more with it. I also had my very first studio photo shoot where I was in charge of everything and it went really well.

Daniel and I also went out for dinner last week at Plant Power Food here in Copenhagen. It was the first time we went there, and it was not disappointing at all.

Plant Power Food

Plant Power Food

 I’m so happy that there are so many good vegan places here in Copenhagen, maybe I should make some blog posts about some of the places?
Let me know.

This week at school we will be working with salt prints and work on our individual projects for the exhibition.

Have a lovely Monday!


Down with the flu

Last week I was sick and was feeling so bad with fever, coughing and pain in my body. I’m not 100% good yet but I’m MUCH better, I just still have a cough.

Our plans for the weekend changed because I wasn’t feeling good, so no party at the dorm but then Daniel had time to fix his computer.



Yesterday at school was fine, this week we will learn and use photographic liquid emulsion which I had no idea what was until recently.

In about two weeks our class will have an exhibition at an art festival where we can make our own projects. I know what I’m going to do and have planned the shoots for it, so I feel like I have it under control. Other than my projects for the exhibition, we have an assignment to create a photo of a dream or nightmare and I have the perfect idea for that.

Already February??

Wasn’t it just the start of January? I guess time flies even faster by when you do something you love.

I’m still very happy about going to school and feel I’m learning a lot, but I’m also so tired when I come home from school because of all the new knowledge and being concentrating all day.



This weekend, Daniel and I went to see the Draghouse show Saturday night, Sunday I did some practical things at home and wrote down some different ideas for future photo projects.

Saturday night

Saturday night

Monday today, means new school week with new assignments and planning projects.

Under Indian skies

At the moment there is a photography exhibition at The David Collation here in Copenhagen with photography from India in the 19th century.


There were many reasons why I wanted to see it, I love photography and I have just learned and tried some old photography methods, I love history and I’m half Indian. So, it was a must for me to see it.

The photos were even more fascinating to see because I have had about the beginning of photography in school, how the process was and have tried to work with some of the methods. And it’s always fun to see how they arranged the setup at that time.



Daniel and I also went to a lecture with John Falconer, a British historian of photography, who The David Collection made the exhibition with.



If you are in Copenhagen I will definitely recommend going to the museum, the exhibition will be there until the 28th of April. The museum’s regular collection is also really fascinating so if you are in Copenhagen, after the 28th of April, I’ll still say it’s a place worth visiting.


First week at school

My first week at school went really well, nice people, good teachers and I have learned so much the first week.


We built our own pin-hole camera, I didn’t know what it was. I used a shoebox which I painted black inside, made sure that no light could come into the box, so I taped all the edges. I cut out a square in the middle of the box that was going to be the front of the camera, put a piece of tinfoil in front, made a shutter of black cardboard and made a very small hole in the foil with a sewing needle. And voila I made my own Coco Camera.

When we had to put the photo paper in, we had to be in the darkroom because the photo paper can’t be exposed to light. We went out to shoot one photo and had to go back to the darkroom to get the negative.

My pin-hole camera

My pin-hole camera

I was happy with the negative I made Tuesday, and surprised that we learned so much in one day.


The day after it was time to learn how to make the negative to a real photograph and I’m so happy with the result!



Our homework for the weekend was to take analogue photos, we got a hole film we had to use and yesterday we had to develop the film and make one photo from our negatives.


Again, I’m very happy with the result because I have never worked with analogue photography, something I never imagined that I would learn now when everything is digital.



First impression

The first day went really well, and I have a really good feeling about the school, my class and the teachers. Already now I can tell that I’m going to learn so many new things just in the first weeks.


We ended early yesterday, and I went home really happy.


I’m excited to see what today will bring and I’ll let you know more about the school when I know more.

I’m starting school today!

I’m so excited! Today there will be some introduction but other than that I don’t know what else we are going to do today.


I picked out my outfit yesterday, prepared the things I could and washed my hair, so I didn’t have to do it this morning.

First chili flower of the year

First chili flower of the year

 I don’t know when I finish school today but it’s “organize your home day” today, so I’ll probably do some organizing when I get home.

End of Christmas Holidays

Yesterday, Amanda and Lis went back to the UK after being here for 3 weeks. When I think about it the 3 weeks went really fast, which is scary.

We had a good time, had fun and I did 3 photo shoots, so we have also been productive, and Lis did my nails, they were so pretty.


I have also got my Overseas Citizenship of India, which I’m happy about and it’s nice to finally have it.



 Now I have today and tomorrow to get some things done at home, do some planning and edit some photos.

Preparing for next week

I had a good weekend with an early photo shoot Saturday morning with my sister Amanda, later we all went out for vegan cake and Sunday I spent with the Unicorn Squad. A nice way to end a week.


This week I’m going to prepare for next week, I’ll get back into a proper morning routine and find ideas for lunches that I can bring to school.
I can’t believe that it’s next Monday I’ll start school.

What will 2019 bring?

I’m not a fortune teller, so I can’t say what 2019 exactly will bring or what will happen. But I know what I would like to happen, what I’m going to work hard on to reach and how I would like people around me to feel.

Last night’s dinner

Last night’s dinner

One thing I know is that on the 14th of January I’m starting at Vera school for art and design, for a 6-month photography course to improve and develop my photography skills and preparing for my application for the education.
I’m so excited to start school and looking forward to all the new things I’m going to learn.

Other than being excited for school start, I have some different things I want to do more.
Spend time with the people I love, don’t use time on people that don’t appreciate you, trying “new” hobbies and much more.



I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring.