The struggle is real!

I guess I have to start over, which I hate, but there is no other way.


 Before & after

Before & after

My nails were so long and pretty but now with 3 broken nails I have to cut them all off and start again. That’s how it is when you want to have your own long nails.


Today I’m going to see Oliver. I have missed him and my other friends so it’s going to be so good to see him again.

Sunday trip

The weather was perfect yesterday for a Sunday trip, and luckily, I had planned one for Daniel, my brother Frederik and me. We went to The Old Denmark open air museum, which is just outside Copenhagen.


We had a good day with a lot of fresh air and it was really nice to spend some time with Frederik and hopefully we will have a good time the next few days.


Today I’m starting on the Photoshop basic course and I’m really looking forward to it and hopefully I’ll learn a lot the following weeks.

First day of September

First day of autumn and I’m looking forward to what this season will bring. I already have a few plans and some more that I’m working on. I know there are some different shows/events I want to attend and from Monday and the next 5 Mondays I’ll do a Photoshop basic course.
I’m also going to challenge myself with photography by taking different types of photos that I normally don’t.


The next few days I’m spending time with my brother and going to have a good time.

Trying to find your inner peace

Sometimes it’s good to stop for a moment and look at yourself in this moment. Do you see what you want to see? Are you going in the direction that you had planned to get to your goal? Or are you just lost and don’t know where you are going?   


These last few days I feel there has been a lot happening around me and it has had a negative effect on me. I don’t do what I want to do, I don’t talk much with my friends and it makes me sad when I think about it. I have dreams, plans and goals I want to achieve, but what I’m doing at the moment isn’t getting me any closer to them, it’s creating a distance.

It makes me sad to see myself writing this, but I have to change it, I’m the only one who can do something about it. I can’t help or fix things for others if they don’t want it, but I can fix my own and that will help me.

Making a schedule

Yesterday I got feedback from the school, which was very useful. I agree with the suggestions they had that I could work on, and that’s what I’m going to do.

So, I’m trying to make a schedule to work towards the goal, getting in at the education next year. I’m not giving up and I’m so happy that I have a few things I now know I have to work more with than others.





Feedback meeting

Today I’m getting feedback for my admission test, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m hoping that I’ll learn what to work on, but I don’t know really what to expect. So, let’s see what will happen.

I know for sure that I want to work with photography and create photos that people will remember.


At the moment there is an exhibition here in Copenhagen, Vogue Like A Painting, with fashion photography.


It’s was true eye candy for me, the colours, composition, motive, location, there was a lot of good photos.


You can see the exhibition at Kunstforeningen GL Strand until the 2nd of September. I recommend it! 

My pride week

Copenhagen pride was last week, I went to some events, saw some shows and did some work.

Tuesday, I had a photo shoot with Brynhildr, a drag queen from Copenhagen, after she had done a workshop with two other queens. I went to the workshop which was called Drag for Beginners, where a lucky person from the audience got a drag make over.

Thursday, I met up with my friends Oliver and Daniel for an event at Glyptoteket, an art museum in Copenhagen, where they had a pride event. After the event we got something to eat and some nicecream.

 My pretty boys 

My pretty boys 


Friday was Drag Night at Pride Square, like every year. This year the theme was Madonna, which I personally think was a bit boring, but luckily not everyone did Madonna. I went with my boyfriend Daniel, Oliver and Simone, we had a good time but not all the shows were good.
Daniel and I came home late and we had to get up early the next day because there was a story time for kids with Brynhildr event at the library.
So, Saturday started early, the event at the library was at 10am. I really like the children books that Brynhildr read at the event, and it was nice to see parents bring their kids to the event.

 Drag Night and story time

Drag Night and story time

Later that day I had a makeup job, I did the makeup for Ivy’s performance for the big pride show. I had Daniel with me and we were backstage and saw Ivy’s show from the corner of the stage. It was fun to see how it is and look out on the audience but from a distance.
We went home shortly after Ivy’s performance, because we had to get up very early the next day. I was so tired when we came home, but I had a good time.  

 Backstage at Copenhagen pride with Ivy 

Backstage at Copenhagen pride with Ivy 

A pleasant surprise!

Getting up at 6 am on a Sunday is hard, especially when you have been busy and out late the days before. But there was a meaning with the “madness”, we were going to my cousin’s son’s christening which was 160km from us. We went with my mom and sister by car and I had a small nap on the way there.
It was nice to see part of the family I don’t see that often. We were waiting in the church for the ceremony to start, but something looked a bit strange. And then it happened. It was not only a christening, but also a wedding. My cousin and his girlfriend surprised us all with them getting married yesterday as well.


We had a very nice day, but we were also very tired when we came back home to Copenhagen.

Stop the heatwave!

Maybe some of you know that I’m not a big fan of very hot weather and burning sun, and that’s why I hate the heatwave we got here in Denmark at the moment. Why can’t it be 20 degrees Celsius instead of over 30 degrees Celsius?? When will it be cooler?

Yesterday, Daniel and I went to our friend’s wedding where the ceremony was going to be outdoors. I knew it was going to be very hot and sunny, so I decided that I would wear my big sun hat.
And I was so happy I did it! The temperature was around 34 degrees Celsius and was the reason why I didn’t wear any eyeliner or foundation because I was already melting.   


But I think Daniel and I still looked good even though it was boiling hot.


We had a really good time and the bride and groom looked good and really happy, the speeches were also good and so was our vegan dinner.
Overall, we had a wonderful day in good company.  

 The dinner

The dinner

Plans for the weekend

Yesterday we celebrated Daniel’s birthday with dinner at SimpelRaw, it was really good. We had rice paper rolls with avocado, Korean bowl and for desert a plate with a mix of their cakes.



When we got home Daniel got his present, I got him a matcha tea set.


My plans for the weekend are sending Daniel off to computer camp today, fix some things at home and Sunday I’m having a photo shoot and in the evening doing a makeup job.  

Birthday boy!

Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel!!But it is not only my boyfriend Daniel’s birthday but also our good friend Daniel’s birthday. Double up with birthdays boys.

For breakfast I have made vegan pancakes, later on we are going out for dinner to celebrate and have a good time.


Yesterday, I realized how big one of the cucumbers was and I had to pluck it, it weighed 309g. I’m very proud of my jungle because I have had a lot of good veggies and strawberries from it, and I’m planning to make the jungle even better next summer.


I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Sunday Shopping

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.
We got up a bit early for Sunday morning, if you ask Daniel, but we have a couple of things to do today. We already had breakfast at the balcony, which is my favourite thing to do because there is shadow there in the morning.

 View from the balcony 

View from the balcony 

Every 2nd Sunday we receive a box with 100% organic veggies, other things and recipes to make vegan dinner for 4 days. It’s so nice to get it delivered to your door step and to try making new things for dinner.

 Organic food

Organic food

We also went to Bilka (Danish supermarket). Every 3rd Sunday in the month they have 20% off all vegan foods, so we usually stock up the things that are long lasting.

Our plans for the rest of the day is to go shoes hunting for Daniel and at the same time look for photo locations.  

Is that rain?!?

Yesterday I had a makeup job for a photo shoot, with a really nice idea and concept. It was fun, and I think it went well, so I’m excited to see the result.

Later, it was raining! It hasn’t rained for weeks here, it was so nice and refreshing.


Plans for today, sewing more of my test dress to make sure it fits perfect. Hopefully I’ll finish the full test dress or at least the top part. I hope it will turn out good, even though it’s a long time since I made a dress myself from scratch.

Good start for July

My July has been good so far, which feels really good.


I had my birthday dinner with good friends at Blue Taco, where we had a really good time together and of course I got unicorn gifts and vegan chocolate. I was so happy, and I love that they knew what perfect gifts for me would be.

 Blue Taco, Lyngby

Blue Taco, Lyngby

Other things I have been up to, I did a wedding test makeup, a CV photo shoot and makeup for a music video during last week.

For the weekend, Daniel and I went to his mom’s house while she was away for the weekend. We went for a long walk Saturday, we walked over 18km in total, so we were really tired in the evening. Sunday, I picked raspberries for breakfast and some to take home because they were so good. Later we went to the movies to see Ant-Man & The Wasp and had some dinner. 

 Strawberries & tomatoes from my penthouse garden. Raspberries from Daniel's mom's garden.

Strawberries & tomatoes from my penthouse garden. Raspberries from Daniel's mom's garden.

This week I’ll be sewing, doing makeup, taking photos, meeting up with friends and hopefully much more.



I’m melting!

The photo shoot Monday went really well, it was good to work together with the model and the makeup artist again. I’ll post a photo from the shoot when it’s ready, until then you can get a behind the scenes photo.


Yesterday I was out getting some things done before 12 o’clock. It was so hot, and I don’t like it hot, but the worst thing is that it will be even hotter today! How will I survive? Maybe I should get more vegan ice cream and watermelon, because those are the best things about summer.