Stop the heatwave!

Maybe some of you know that I’m not a big fan of very hot weather and burning sun, and that’s why I hate the heatwave we got here in Denmark at the moment. Why can’t it be 20 degrees Celsius instead of over 30 degrees Celsius?? When will it be cooler?

Yesterday, Daniel and I went to our friend’s wedding where the ceremony was going to be outdoors. I knew it was going to be very hot and sunny, so I decided that I would wear my big sun hat.
And I was so happy I did it! The temperature was around 34 degrees Celsius and was the reason why I didn’t wear any eyeliner or foundation because I was already melting.   


But I think Daniel and I still looked good even though it was boiling hot.


We had a really good time and the bride and groom looked good and really happy, the speeches were also good and so was our vegan dinner.
Overall, we had a wonderful day in good company.  

 The dinner

The dinner

Plans for the weekend

Yesterday we celebrated Daniel’s birthday with dinner at SimpelRaw, it was really good. We had rice paper rolls with avocado, Korean bowl and for desert a plate with a mix of their cakes.



When we got home Daniel got his present, I got him a matcha tea set.


My plans for the weekend are sending Daniel off to computer camp today, fix some things at home and Sunday I’m having a photo shoot and in the evening doing a makeup job.  

Birthday boy!

Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel!!But it is not only my boyfriend Daniel’s birthday but also our good friend Daniel’s birthday. Double up with birthdays boys.

For breakfast I have made vegan pancakes, later on we are going out for dinner to celebrate and have a good time.


Yesterday, I realized how big one of the cucumbers was and I had to pluck it, it weighed 309g. I’m very proud of my jungle because I have had a lot of good veggies and strawberries from it, and I’m planning to make the jungle even better next summer.


I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Sunday Shopping

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.
We got up a bit early for Sunday morning, if you ask Daniel, but we have a couple of things to do today. We already had breakfast at the balcony, which is my favourite thing to do because there is shadow there in the morning.

 View from the balcony 

View from the balcony 

Every 2nd Sunday we receive a box with 100% organic veggies, other things and recipes to make vegan dinner for 4 days. It’s so nice to get it delivered to your door step and to try making new things for dinner.

 Organic food

Organic food

We also went to Bilka (Danish supermarket). Every 3rd Sunday in the month they have 20% off all vegan foods, so we usually stock up the things that are long lasting.

Our plans for the rest of the day is to go shoes hunting for Daniel and at the same time look for photo locations.  

Is that rain?!?

Yesterday I had a makeup job for a photo shoot, with a really nice idea and concept. It was fun, and I think it went well, so I’m excited to see the result.

Later, it was raining! It hasn’t rained for weeks here, it was so nice and refreshing.


Plans for today, sewing more of my test dress to make sure it fits perfect. Hopefully I’ll finish the full test dress or at least the top part. I hope it will turn out good, even though it’s a long time since I made a dress myself from scratch.

Good start for July

My July has been good so far, which feels really good.


I had my birthday dinner with good friends at Blue Taco, where we had a really good time together and of course I got unicorn gifts and vegan chocolate. I was so happy, and I love that they knew what perfect gifts for me would be.

 Blue Taco, Lyngby

Blue Taco, Lyngby

Other things I have been up to, I did a wedding test makeup, a CV photo shoot and makeup for a music video during last week.

For the weekend, Daniel and I went to his mom’s house while she was away for the weekend. We went for a long walk Saturday, we walked over 18km in total, so we were really tired in the evening. Sunday, I picked raspberries for breakfast and some to take home because they were so good. Later we went to the movies to see Ant-Man & The Wasp and had some dinner. 

 Strawberries & tomatoes from my penthouse garden. Raspberries from Daniel's mom's garden.

Strawberries & tomatoes from my penthouse garden. Raspberries from Daniel's mom's garden.

This week I’ll be sewing, doing makeup, taking photos, meeting up with friends and hopefully much more.



I’m melting!

The photo shoot Monday went really well, it was good to work together with the model and the makeup artist again. I’ll post a photo from the shoot when it’s ready, until then you can get a behind the scenes photo.


Yesterday I was out getting some things done before 12 o’clock. It was so hot, and I don’t like it hot, but the worst thing is that it will be even hotter today! How will I survive? Maybe I should get more vegan ice cream and watermelon, because those are the best things about summer.


Photo shoot Monday

It’s always good to start your week with a photo shoot and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to work with a model and a makeup artist, who I worked with for the first time a month ago. We worked really good as a team, so now we will have another shoot together.
I really like working with a makeup artist, so I can focus on taking the photos and I really like to see the creativity people have. I’m sure today will be a fun and creative day!

Last week I had a small picnic with Oliver in the botanical garden here in Copenhagen. We had company by some ducks, that wanted to join us, or maybe just eat our food, but they were very cute.


Another very cute thing is a photo I took yesterday at the zoo. Daniel and I went to the zoo early before it got too hot and before a lot of people would be there. At the zoo you can go in to the goats and pet them, and this morning there were many goats out.
There were two tiny baby goats, they were so cute and soft that you just want to cuddle with them.

 Baby goats

Baby goats

Next to the baby goats there was a pregnant goat with another goat, maybe a male. At one point the non-pregnant goat lay its ear on the pregnant goat’s belly, like it was listening to the baby. It was so sweet, I almost cried, but I always want to cry when I see cute animals.



I hope you will have a good Monday and remember, Mondays aren’t necessarily bad, it’s what you make of them.

Basic Saturday

Friday my sister and I made pizza, and like always they turned out really good!

 Pizza time

Pizza time

Saturday was a basic day, you know where you do plain, boring, basic things and just have your very simple and basic face on. That was what Oliver and I did, because we are just some basic bitches.


It was so good to have Oliver over and we had so much fun! I love having crazy creative friends, because we share so many things.
Today I have to get the things I need for my mom’s birthday cake, which I have to make. Her birthday is tomorrow, Monday.

Friday is pizza day!

My knee is not feeling well again, and this time I blame the stairs. Our elevator is under reconstruction which mean I have to walk up and down the stairs to 7th floor, from the 4th of June to 25th of July, if they finish on time.

Tonight, we are having homemade vegan pizza for dinner, perfect on a Friday!

I hope everyone will have a good Friday and enjoy this photo from yesterday.




Reconstructing my life

Sometime, or very often in my case, you have to keep trying, fight and never give up on making your dreams come true. That’s life, and it can totally crush you, if you let it, but you shouldn’t let it crush you! Something I have learned through the years (sounds like I’m very old) is, NEVER give up! If it’s your dream fight for it and work hard to get to the goal.

Now you might think, what happened?

Almost 2 weeks ago, I got the answer from the admission test saying that I didn’t get in at the education. I was so sad when I saw the email and for a moment I felt that totally crushed. The next day I started to think about what I could do to get in school next year. I have sets some goals and I’m still in a working process to finish my plan on reconstructing my life.


I will never give up!

My birthday!

So, Sunday was my birthday, as I wrote in the last blog post and as promised I’ll tell how my day went.

I got my presents in the morning, and they were really good and some of them were really a surprise.

Some of the things I got were, some basic makeup products from MAC (things you always need), skincare from Kiehl’s and also some more special things. From my mom and sister, I got a quiz board game and a trip to Belin for Daniel and I. Daniel had ordered the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette for me!! I’m so happy to have a boyfriend who knows what I like and remembers what makeup products I talk about, I can’t wait to get it in the end of this month.
The present from my dad has a story behind it. Some time ago my dad showed me a vintage analog camera which I really liked, I told my sister about it and she said she would ask my dad if I could have it. My sister told me afterwards that my dad said that I couldn’t have the camera because he wanted to keep it. But Sunday, I got a really nice wrapped present with no name tag on it, and it was the camera! All the time I had believed that I couldn’t have the camera, so it was a nice surprise.


The camera is from the 1950’s, I don’t know yet if it works but I can’t wait to find out.

Daniel had planned the day, I had no idea what we were going to do, the only thing I knew was that we were going to have dinner someplace.
We went to the art museum Louisiana which is a modern art museum, which I haven’t been to since ground school. We had a nice time and I’m happy that Daniel chose to go to a museum instead of going to the movies.


After the museum, we went to the city centre and stopped by my friend’s workplace before we went to The Organic Boho for dinner. The food was good, and I had the best birthday I could ask for.

 Birthday dinner

Birthday dinner

June = birthdays month!

This is my first post this June, and it’s already the 11th, not good…

Many things have happened and that’s why I have been away for some time. I’ll tell all about it later, now I want to focus on the biggest thing in June in my family, birthdays!
Thursday it was my sister’s birthday and she had asked if I could make a vegan Danish birthday cake, so Daniel and I could eat it too. A Danish birthday cake is a layer cake where you can put vanilla cream, fruits or whatever you like in the layers. Because it had to be vegan I had to make the cake from scratch which I never tried before. Luckily it turned out really good, and everybody loved it.

 My sisters's birthday 

My sisters's birthday 

Yesterday, Sunday was it my turn to be the birthday girl!
Daniel had planned the day and I had no idea what we were going to do or where. We woke up early, had breakfast with my mom and sister, my sister had made vegan pancakes, and I got my presents.

 My birthday breakfast

My birthday breakfast

I’ll take some pictures of my presents so you can see them and post them tomorrow, and tell you about the rest of my birthday.       

Penthouse Jungle

The last couple of days have been too hot for me and it seems that this heat will continue until next week or maybe longer. The only good thing about all the heat and sun is that my Penthouse Jungle is growing, I just have to water it 2-3 times a day.

You might think “Penthouse Jungle? What is that??” Let me tell you.
We live on the 7th floor and have a big balcony, a bit boring on itself and that’s why I made a garden / jungle.


I have planted all the herbs, and most of the veggies from seeds, except the tomato plants and strawberries.


Today I’m going to meet up with some friends and go to Distortion Street Party, which I’m looking forward to. Daniel can’t go with us because of his sprained ankle, it’s getting better but it takes time.

I hope today will be fun and that the sun won’t fry me.

Werq The World 2018!

Saturday night was the day that my friend Simone and I went to the Werq The World show here in Copenhagen. For people who don’t know what it is, it’s a drag show with queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, that do a world tour.
So, this year the queens that were here in Copenhagen were:

Kim Chi
Sharon Needles
Latrice Royale
Kennedy Davenport
Violet Chachki


Of course, we had VIP tickets with meet and greet, like always, but we were a bit disappointed with the meet and greet this time. There wasn’t time enough to meet and get a photo with all the queens and for the first time we were only allowed to take one photo. That’s why I haven’t got as many pictures and some of them aren’t as good as the other years.


We had a good time and the show was also good and we had first row seats, so the view was perfect!


If you want to see my snap story from that night, here it is:  

Too Hot!

Yesterday it was too hot for Indira’s and my taste, it was 27 degrees Celsius. I’m not sure if we had a day as hot last year? But we need a fan to cool down, if it keeps being that hot.

 Indira is not happy with the heat

Indira is not happy with the heat

I’m really looking forward to the weekend where I’m going to the Werq the World show with queens from Drag Race. It’s going to be fun, but I still don’t know what to wear!?!

Hopefully the weather won’t be as hot today, so I can get things done.



Drag show and work.

Daniel and I had Saturday off together. We did some grocery shopping, went and got my new shoes and in the evening, we went to see the show at Draghouse. The show was amazing as always, and I really liked that they had a battle between new queens where the winner gets to be in the show next time.

 Before and at Draghouse

Before and at Draghouse

Sunday I had work to do, I did makeup for a photo shoot but also had the chance to take some photos too, which was really nice.
I also finished some photos I have posted on my photographer website if you want to see my work.

I wish you all a happy Monday!





Two days of shoots done.

I’m going to enjoy my Saturday with Daniel and later we are going to see Draghouse’s Drag to the 80’s show.
The last two days I have had two photo shoots and worked with talented people. It’s hard work because when I go home after a shoot as the photographer I still have a lot of work with editing the photos. Last night I was so tired, but it feels so good to be able to do what you are passionate about, I didn’t feel dead tired, I felt happy.


Wednesday, I was at the shopping mall Field’s,I  got some really nice things from Monki and  the best part was that they had a lot on sale and you got an extra 50% off because they are going to rebuild the store.
I got:
2 t-shirts
1 long sleeved blouse
3 pair of socks with cats
1 sun glass case, that my sunglasses fit in
2 ironing brands
and 1 faux fur collar


Everything for only 180DKK (around 24€) which was the original price of the faux fur collar alone, so I was very happy with my purchase. 


Tonight I’m looking forward to an amazing drag show with Copenhagen’s local queens.
Next weekend we are going to Werq the World!

The test & Unicorn Squad reunion!

Last weekend was so much fun but also hard work. I feel I did my best and I’m satisfied with what I did, considering the circumstances. So now I just have to wait for the final answer.
I’ll do a blog post later on about the pre-test and admission test.


Tuesday was The Unicorn Squad reunion where we celebrated Oliver’s birthday with lunch at BlueTaco, our favourite taco place in Copenhagen. We always have so much fun together the three of us, we should do it more often.

 Unicorn Squad! 

Unicorn Squad! 

Daniel and I was invited for dinner at our friend Daniel’s place in the evening, where he had made vegan dinner for us. The dinner was good, the company amazing and the perfect end for a good day with friends and loved ones.

 Lunch & Dinner

Lunch & Dinner

Today and tomorrow I’m having two photo shoots as a photographer, and this time I’m not doing the makeup. I’m looking forward to working with the model and makeup artist.