Happy Diwali!

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy Diwali.
This Diwali is the first one I’ve arranged and I started 5 days ago by looking at recipes. The menu ended up being, samosa with mango chutney for starters, rajma with rice and raita for the main course and kheer for dessert. All of it was vegan and tasted so good. I was really surprised how good the kheer turned out, because normally in Indian desserts they always use a lot of dairy products. I don’t have much experience with Indian cooking but I would say I did pretty good, with help from my sister.

Because it was Diwali I wanted to wear a sari, which was also the first time I tried wearing one and I need to practice wearing it, for sure. You think it’s just a top, underskirt and a long piece of fabric wrapped around you, but there is so much technique in putting it on. My plan was to buy an Indian suit for Daniel, but the woman in the shop, where I went to buy it, was a bitch and therefore I didn’t buy anything at all. Poor Daniel, now he has to wait with getting his new suit until we will go to India again. He really wanted an Indian suit.



The reason why I wanted to celebrate Diwali and wear a sari is that I’m half Danish and half Indian. I like doing nice traditions from the different cultures I know and I’m so happy that Daniel likes it too and want to be a part of it. Next Diwali is going to be bigger, I’ll make more different types of food and decorate our home. It will be so much fun!   

How I feel about Halloween.

One of the things I love about Halloween is going to Tivoli because of the pretty decorations, another thing is going to Halloween parties.
My sister and I went to Tivoli today, to have a look and take some photos. We weren’t there that long because I’m going again on Friday with Daniel and my sister on Saturday together with her friend.

Halloween in Tivoli 

Halloween in Tivoli 

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate Diwali at home, my mom, sister, Indira, Daniel and I. I have to get the last things for Diwali tomorrow and I’m looking forward to having a nice vegan Indian dinner.

Red sun.

When Daniel was on his way to work this morning, he wrote to me that I had to look at the sky. I had to get my camera because there was something special, the sun was all red!

I spent my day together with our good friend Daniel, we went to a café and afterwards we walked around the shopping street.

My day 

My day 

Tomorrow I’ll spend some time with my sister and I also have to find an outfit for Daniel. What will it be?
It’s fun to look a year back, so I did in my photo library. 

2017 & 2016

2017 & 2016

Do you believe in destiny?

I’m starting to think more and more that some things in life happen for a reason and sometimes you don’t have to fight it but go with the flow. 

Today I did makeup for a music video together with another makeup artist who I have known since we were in our teens. It was very clear that we both had worked at MAC before, MAC makeup, MAC Züca bag and MAC brush belt. I feel it was a good day and I can’t wait to see the music video when it’s ready.



You think I have a lot of glitter on my hand in the photo? Trust me, that is NOTHING, wait and you’ll see. 

Wedding party!

Last night I went to my friend’s wedding, it was really fun and she was so beautiful! It was my first time at a Somalian wedding and I’m so happy that I got to be at one. I think it’s always exciting to see how other cultures celebrate different things. I have been to Danish and Indian weddings before but now I can also write Somalian wedding on this list.
I had a good night with some of my friends at the wedding and it was magical.


I had energy to make a small brunch for Daniel and I today. Daniel was more tired than me because he was out with his friends last night and came home very late.
Tomorrow I’ll be on set for a music video all day, and I think it’s going to be good.

Saturday vegan brunch

Saturday vegan brunch

Getting things under control.

I have used the last couple of days getting our things in place in our new home, writing photo shoot ideas down and looking at “new” hobbies. I surprised Daniel by putting up his desk and making room for his computer, he was really happy for it. I also looked in some of my many boxes with makeup, some of the boxes I haven’t seen for a year or more, so it was like Christmas for me with all the makeup. It was so good to find things I have missed or wasn’t sure if I still had and it made me think of more ideas for photo shoots. At the moment I have 18 different ideas in mind and I just want to get started now! So, if you have a model in you and want to flash her/him let me know. 

Love, colors & creativity! 

Love, colors & creativity! 

My plans for the weekend are, going to my friend’s party tomorrow night, Saturday I’ll spend with Daniel and Sunday I’m going to do makeup for a music video which I’m really excited about. 


Taco date & stroller walk.

Thursday I had a taco date with the boys at Blue Taco, we had dinner together, while Daniel went to the movies to see Blade Runner 2049 with his friend.

I had a good evening with good company, it’s always nice to spend some time with your good friends.

Taco date

Taco date

Today I went for a stroller walk in Byparken and by the golf course in Ørestad with my friend and her baby. The weather was so good today with blue skies and no wind, a perfect day for a walk.

I feel that there is some of my friends I haven’t seen in a long time and I want to catch up with them. Something I have a lot of time for now.

Fall mood

Fall mood

I’m still looking for a fun DIY project to do, so let me know if you have any ideas.


Last day at Sephora.

It was my last day at Sephora today, a bit sad because I’m going to miss some of the girls. I got a raw vegan brownie for myself and my partner in crime, Elisabeth, just before I finished work, but we will see each other again soon.

After work Daniel and I went out for dinner at a Chinese vegan restaurant and it was good.

Partners in crime 

Partners in crime 

I got a few plans for the next days, tomorrow I’m meeting 2 of my good friends. I also want to find some creative craft I can do. The night is beautiful and I’m really tired, like the last couple of days.

The view 

The view 

Working weekend.

I’m a bit tired from my opening shift today and there were a lot of customers as well. Right now I just feel like being under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and watch historical documentaries. I know, I’m a history geek and proud of it.

I got some new makeup today which I’m looking forward to trying and make some new looks.


My sister was so nice to make vegan peach ice cream yesterday, Daniel and I approve!     


Ikea day!

What is the perfect thing to do on a Friday? Go shopping in Ikea, what else?!
I love going to Ikea and I haven’t been there for ages, so it was a good day today. I got some small things that I wanted but also some things for some photo ideas that I have, which you have to wait a bit to see.

Another good thing is that Ikea have a vegan meal at their restaurant now and they also sell Oatly! I am a big fan of Oatly, I use iKaffe in my tea every day. I hope that all of Oatly’s products will come to Denmark soon.


I have the opening shift tomorrow, it is the last time I have to open at Sephora. I have 5 shifts and I will have my last day at Sephora on Wednesday. I’m going to miss some of the girls.    


Since Monday evening, I have been busy unpacking and trying to organize our things. It’s something that takes time, a lot of time, but I’m really looking forward to when everything is in place.

I got a new body lotion the other day from Kiehl’s which I’m really excited to try, because I was told that you can see results after using it for 10 days. I also got some samples that I’m also looking forward to try and see if there are any of them I might buy next time.

Taking care of my brushes & my skin

Taking care of my brushes & my skin

Both yesterday and today I have cleaned my makeup brushes and I still have more brushes to clean, it’s a big project to clean all of them.
My plans for tomorrow are:

·      Go to Ikea

·      Clean more makeup brushes

·      Plan our meals for the next days and go shopping

·      More unpacking

·      Go for a walk and relax before the last 5 days at work



Nothing special.

Nothing special about Monday today, just Monday.

I have made a to do list for the next 2 weeks with stuff I would like to get done.


·      Call friends I haven’t talked to in some time

·      Unpack most of the boxes

·      Do more laundry

·      Organize my makeup

·      Edit a film

·      Take some new photos

·      Start going for long walks

·      Relax and enjoy life with Daniel


Some days all you need is your computer and Snapchat filters.


Cosy Sunday mood.

I got up at 9am this morning, even though we went to the party Saturday night and came home late. It has been a productive Sunday, I went food shopping for the next days, did some more laundry and spent time with 2 of my good friends, while Daniel was at his mom’s place.


There is still a lot to do at home and I hope I can get a lot done in the coming weeks. Maybe I should make a list of what I would like to do the next couple of weeks.  


Three good thoughts.

Both Daniel and I have the weekend off, which we both have been looking forward to. This morning I got up at 7am and got ready, on a Saturday! But it was a good feeling.
Copenhagen Zoo had their birthday event today, so we went there for a few hours, there were a lot of people and it wasn’t cold today, so we also walked home afterwards.

After the zoo, we had to do some laundry, something that just has to be done.


Tonight, we are going to a party at the dorm. It will be the first time we are there since we moved.

My three good thoughts for today are:

·      That I know my loved ones believes in me

·      I know that everything will work out and get better

·      I soon have time to unpack and get settled

Hopefully I’ll also soon have time for making some more things for the blog too.

Here we go again.

Sometimes when you feel everything starts to come together and you think “it’s going well now”, and BANG! Something very unexpected happens and you are like where the hell did that come from?

That was my Wednesday!

If I’m going to do it very short, like in 3 words, it would be “I got fired”, yes and without any feedback.

Before VS. After the bad news 

Before VS. After the bad news 

I guess the job hunting will start very soon, but I need this weekend off, because I still have 6 shifts left at work.

I hope Saturday will be a nice, cosy and good day for Daniel and I and not too much rain.

Daniel & Coco have left the building!

Both Daniel and I feel that we haven’t had a day off in a long time, because of moving and everything else that has been going on.
I was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so Daniel had to clean the apartment and it had to be ready for the check Monday morning. After work Sunday I went over to help with the cleaning and got us vegan burgers from Halifax. It was weird to know that it was our last dinner in our common kitchen, but a bit sad too and it was also sad to see the apartment empty.

Robert Jacobsens Kollegiet 

Robert Jacobsens Kollegiet 

Monday morning, we met with the janitor to do the check and hand in the keys. It was the end of the dorm life, which I never imagined I would experience in the first place. It was an amazing year and I have many good memories from it.
I’m going to miss a lot of things, the nature, the sheep and cows, Mr. seagull, Mommy duck and the babies, the walks, that the Metro is on the other side of the street.

Last goodbye from Mr. Seagull 

Last goodbye from Mr. Seagull 

Our temporary life is at 7th floor with a view from our window to the biggest cemetery in Denmark.
One thing we are really happy about is to wake up with our little princess, Indira.  

Indira and Oatly at the Metro st. 

Indira and Oatly at the Metro st. 

My favourite meal of the day.

I had the day off today and did some cleaning at the apartment, which must be done before Monday. I’m really looking forward to having a day off where I or Daniel don’t have to do practical stuff but we can relax and enjoy the day.

Because I had the day off, I made vegan pizza for dinner with some help from my sister. Dinner is my favourite meal of the day, and I like to make good food together with Daniel and enjoy it together.

Vegan pizza! 

Vegan pizza! 

Tomorrow my work weekend will start, Daniel is off work and can do some cleaning at the apartment.