I did it!

I made it to the big and final admission test for the education I applied for!! I got the mail Friday when I was out shopping at the supermarket and I was so happy that I almost cried. There are 12 days to the test, I’m excited, happy and a bit nervous but I just have to remember to do my best and to be me!

Saturday night, Oliver and I did a show together as Unicorn Squad and Oliver also did a lipsync show at a private party. The show we did together was “Seoul’s life advice” it went well, and it was fun and different. The lipsync was amazing, Oliver delivered a fantastic show and everybody loved it!

 Unicorn Squad!

Unicorn Squad!

The weather has been really good the last couple of day so Daniel and I went for a ride with our Christiania bike, for the first time in 2018.


This week I’m doing some photo shoots and preparing myself for the last admission test.

To get a good start for the new week, you can enjoy Seoul:

First hot day in 2018!

Yesterday it was 19 degrees Celsius in Copenhagen which was really nice and I could wear shorts for the first time in 2018. To celebrate, Daniel and I had our dinner in the park after he finished work. I always feel that here in Denmark we only have spring for a few days before it gets really hot and summer like.


I feel the last couple of days have been a bit hmm, because I know I’ll hear from the education I applied for this week. It’s a bit scary in a way, but I will survive!

Today will be a hot day again, maybe I should share some of my summer must haves.  


Last week.

It’s one week since I last wrote a blog post, but the last week I have had a lot of mixed emotions. I finished my pre-admission assignment and uploaded it in good time. I’m satisfied with my portfolio and the assignment I submitted, I feel it shows me and my creativity. Now the hard part has started, waiting for the reply, if I’ll go on to the next test or not and all the mixed emotions. I feel I did my best, but I still feel nervous, scared and excited at the same time. I just have to believe in myself, like Daniel and my good friends do and keep a positive mind.

Saturday, I got the chance to try to take photos at a big costume event, so I could see how it is and learn from it, and now I know some things I’ll do different next time.



This week I’ll work on Unicorn Squad’s upcoming show, some other fun stuff and maybe a photo shoot or two.

April, Spring is here!

There was spring in the air today and it was just perfect!
Daniel and I went out for a walk after breakfast to enjoy the good weather, get some fresh air and take some photos of the signs of Spring. It was a good start to the day.

Wire 2018-04-02 at 23.44.56.jpeg

Later on, Oliver came by to talk about our show and we had a photo shoot as well. It went really well, we saw the pretty sunset and we had the chance to see some deer up close before going out for some ramen.

Now, bedtime!

Wire 2018-04-02 at 23.45.01.jpeg



Happy Easter!

I’m trying to keep calm, but it’s hard when I’m thinking about my admission test that I have to submit by the end of the upcoming week. Tomorrow it’s the 1st of April, which it doesn’t feel like at all. We have had so much snow the last month, it has been very cold and there hasn’t been much sunshine. Last year was so much better, but hopefully the weather will be better in April.

Daniel has Easter holidays at the moment and we have spent time being out in the snow Thursday, out in the sun Friday and today, Saturday was just grey.


Tomorrow I’ll welcome April and hope that April will be an unforgettable month!

 What makes me happy! 

What makes me happy! 

Shooting & planning shows.

This weekend I did the photo shoot for the admission test which went well, but the weather could have been better. I don’t know what is happening with March this year, last year I had no worries regarding the weather but this year it has created some difficulties for my photo shoot plans.

Oliver and I also planned some parts of a show we will be doing as Unicorn Squad for a private party in April. I’m very excited about it because it will be the first show with Unicorn Squad and it’s been a long time since I have done a live performance.   

 Easter bus? 

Easter bus? 

The upcoming week I’ll be spending a lot of time together with Photoshop and InDesign, hopefully we will become best friends.   

Oh Deer!

I have been busy lately with putting my portfolio together, brainstorming and planning my big shoot for the admission test. Everything is starting to come together, and the photo shoot will be this weekend. Daniel and I went out Sunday to look at location and to have a Sunday walk. It was a beautiful day with blue sky and we walked past a group of deer that didn’t seem to care that we were close to them.

 Deer & I

Deer & I

We also went by the nature centre where we saw the rooster and hens, but we were too late for holding the small cute chickens. I really miss living next to the nature area and being able to go for a walk and see all the animals every day.

 Mr. Rooster is in a hurry 

Mr. Rooster is in a hurry 

I have some new photos up on my photographer website which you can see here. Enjoy.

Having a positive mind.

I really have had a good feeling the last couple of weeks and a very positive mind, which I usually don’t have. But I have been working with myself on trying to look at the positive things instead of the negative. It’s easier said than done, because it becomes a habit. I don’t think many people are noticing a difference, but I hope Daniel has.

Yesterday I went to the doctor with my knee pain. The doctor said that I have overexerted it and have to rest my knee which means NO dancing for a few weeks. I really hope my knee will get better soon, I don’t like walking like an old lady.


I woke up to this beautiful view this morning and had to take a photo of it, and yes, it’s a cemetery on the other side of my street. I love the winter wonderland look, but I want some spring soon.
This morning I was really looking forward for the photo shoot I had, and it went really well.
I’m feeling so happy these days and I know everything will be good.   

Balloon madness?!

When you get an idea for a photo shoot, DO IT! Or at least try it.
Props list from yesterday’s shoot:

●      100 black & pink balloons

●      Pink beads

●      Plain black underwear

●      White bunny mask

●      Gasmask

Just another photo shoot…

Wire 2018-03-06 at 23.43.18.jpeg

I somehow hurt my knee, I walk like an old lady and I’m trying to avoid stairs. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and hopefully I will find out what’s wrong with my knee.

Wire 2018-03-06 at 23.43.14.jpeg

Today I went to a location I’m going to do a photo shoot at soon so I could get an overview of the location and try and find some good angles. I’m so happy that I get to do what I love and I know that someday the hard work will pay off. Two more shoots this week!  




Isn't March spring??

I don’t know what is happing with the weather these days, but it has been -9 degrees Celsius here in Denmark and today a lot of snow in Copenhagen. The climate changes are real!
I wish it was snowing in December instead of March. It’s pretty but I had to move some photo shoots to other dates because of the cold.



In the beginning of the week I did 2 photo shoots, I did the makeup and the photography for both of them. Tuesday evening, I went to open house event at the school that I really really want to start at. It was so inspiring, and I got some good and constructive feedback on some of my work from the 2nd year students.
I’m really thankful for their feedback, because I realised what I have to focus on.
Two weeks till the first admission test will comes out!


I the meantime I’ll enjoy Drag Race All starts and vegan cake!           

 All Vegan

All Vegan

Pregnancy shoot.

Yesterday I did my first pregnancy photo shoot, it was so much fun. The location was at STAY Copenhagen which had perfect lighting and many options for different setups.
I’m really satisfied with the photos and hope the model will love them too.

 The location

The location

When I came home from the shoot I got a really bad migraine and today I’m still not feeling too good. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow, because I’m going to see Draghouse’s 90’s show in the evening.



I'm so grateful!

Yesterday the article with me for #storyofkvuc was published on the school’s website. I shared it last night on my private Facebook page and the response has been amazing. I did think about if people would respond and how, but there has been a lot of response and it has only been positive so far. I wanted to do the interview to show that you can do what you set your mind to, never give up and just because you are dyslexic it doesn’t mean that you are unintelligent.
I’m really happy that the school asked me and that I did the interview, which you can read here, it’s in Danish.

 Photo from the school's event room 

Photo from the school's event room 

Tomorrow I’m going to do my first pregnancy photo shoot and I’m so excited.  



Party Night!

Today has been a very relaxed Sunday, we woke up late and didn’t do much except the most necessary things. A perfect way to spend your Sunday when you have been out the night before.


It’s not very often Daniel and I go out to party anymore, but we went out Saturday night and had so much fun with good company. First, we went to a gin & tonic event at Esha’s hair salon, where we met up with our friend Daniel and met some other really nice people. Afterwards we went to Gay Copenhagen that had a small Lady Gaga event where our friend Jaxie was performing with a Drag show. Daniel, Daniel and I had a really good and fun night, we should go out together more often.




Testing & dinner date.

I have tested my new flash and done some other test shoots lately, to see what works for me and how I can create different light, moods and styles.

Wednesday I was out shooting really early in the glittering winter wonderland, everything was covered in frost. It was a beautiful and cold morning for taking photos, is there a better way to start your day?

 Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland

In the evening Daniel had invited me out for dinner at our favourite vegan restaurant Urten, and, like always, the food was amazing. After the dinner we went to the movies and saw “Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle”, I still remember the first one from 1995 and I was a bit sceptical about the new one, but it was a funny movie.

 Vegan Valentins dinner

Vegan Valentins dinner

The last couple of days I have been planning new shoots and done some photo editing.


New equipment!

Today I finally got a new flash, it was one of the things on my photography wish list. I’m looking forward to trying it and get to know how to use it properly.

The last three days I have been planning some upcoming shoots in the near future and eating vegan cakes while planning. I’m really thankful and appreciate the people who believe in me and want to help me by modelling or helping with locations.

Last night Daniel and I went out for night photographing which was really fun but also very cold. It was the first time I really did night time photography, and I’ll definitely do it again but maybe not when it’s freezing cold.


Tomorrow I have a photoshoot in the early afternoon, where I’ll try my new flash.       


As I wrote yesterday, I was going to do something exciting today, and I did. I went to the school that I graduated from last summer because I was asked if they could write an article about me and my school experience. The have a series called #storyofkvuc where they interview students and former students if they have a special story to tell. I’m looking forward to seeing how the article will turnout, but it was fun and I’m very happy that they choose me. It was also fun to be back at the school, they have done a lot of renovation recently so some places look totally different.

Wire 2018-02-06 at 23.06.13.jpeg

I used my evening making homemade falafel and watching TV with Daniel.       

Plans for the week.

Yesterday we planned our dinner for the week, so I could go grocery shopping today and do some meal preparation as well. Right now, we make a lot of Indian food from scratch, and here at home Daniel make the chapatti (Indian flatbread) and I often make the rest.


I’m trying to get models this week, so I can do some photo shoots, but people seem to be so busy and are not good at replying, I just need ask more people and I’m sure I’ll get some models. My goal of having a photo shoot a week seems a bit far off right now.

Tomorrow I’m doing something very exciting, which I’ll tell you more about later.
Dance on Wednesday, Saturday I’m meeting a friend and planning a shoot and hopefully I’ll get some more models and do several photo shoots this week.  

It's February and finally the snow came!

Saturday it finally started snowing, which I have waited for since December. Now I just have to wait and see if there will come more snow tomorrow, so I can go tobogganing and maybe also take some photos. Today Daniel and I went to IKEA and we, or maybe just me, had a really good day because I love going to IKEA. I think you either love or hate going to IKEA and I have decided that because I love IKEA, Daniel loves it too.

Wednesday after my dance class I noticed that I had pain in my foot and somehow must have hurt it. I had to keep my foot still the next day or two.



Friday my foot was much better, I didn’t really have any pain. I met up with my friend Elisabeth before going to my friend Mareridt’s school for an event that his design class was having. They did a Trashion runway show, where they had to use recycled things to create their design pieces. I filmed the show with my phone, so the quality isn’t that good, but you get an idea of how creative the students were.    

Getting started.

I have been enjoying some days with Daniel because he had some days off, which was really nice. We have been to the theatre, where we saw Chess, been out (window)shopping, made dinner together and petted goats. It was nice to spend some days together, but it would be better with a real vacation.


As some know, I’m working on my photographer portfolio and I have already made a website for it. Friday I finally received my business cards, which I’m really excited about and a bit proud of.
Tomorrow I have my dance class and Thursday, the website for education application will open.
I’m going to have positive thoughts and see the different opportunities in things. Or at least try very hard, because I know that hard work will pay off.   

Art & History.

Today I spent my day with Daniel because he had the day off. We went to Glyptoteket, which is a museum that has antique Roman, Greek, Egyptian and much other art where some of the pieces are more than 3000 years old. It is a very fascinating museum if you like art and history, which I do.

 At Glyptoteket

At Glyptoteket

As you can see on the photo, my hair is still amazing, I love it so much and wish I would have had the treatment earlier.

After the museum we went for soup and ice cream and had a good long walk home. There is nothing better than going for a long walk with someone you love and just talk.

Wire 2018-01-23 at 23.41.47.jpeg

Tomorrow I’ll start taking dance classes again and I’m so excited because I have really missed dancing.